Founded in 2003, SGS is a software development and IT consulting company dedicated to exceeding our employees’ as well as our customers’ expectations. Our simple method (quality over quantity) for success has allowed SGS to grow into a global corporation with more than employees in two continents.

SGS is a leader in providing innovative end-to-end application solutions for commercial and government sectors. Our goal is to understand your business objectives and develop solutions based on your input. The need may be to develop an application to solve a specific business problem or to integrate applications across the enterprise; SGS has the expertise to deliver quality results on time and on budget.

SGS has a track record of developing applications that support data warehousing, mainframe systems, data center staffing, strategic planning, CRM and ERP integration, document management and workflow, computer-based training, development, as well as third-party project monitoring. Our projects vary in scope, from basic website development to multi-year, multi-million-dollar enterprise engagements.

Our employees are without question the foundation of our success. We believe that our employees deserve and receive clear communication of expectations, performance-based recognition, advancement, and an environment that supports their professional growth.

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>  14+ Years in Business

>  100+ clients

>  150+ software release/year