• Celebrate Thanksgiving Day with SGS!

    22 November 2017 - By sgstechie

    We at SGS are celebrating today! It has been over 14 years since our beginning and SGS Technologie LLC has a lot of clients to thank for its tremendous success. Hence, which other day is best suited for it than the nationally celebrated Thanksgiving Day?

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  • Dominance of AWS in Cloud Computing

    15 November 2017 - By sgstechie

    History is repeating itself and this time a corporate giant Amazon is shaping it. Similar to the discovery of electricity that marked a new era a century ago, we will now experience a technological revolution.
    Welcome cloud technology also known as cloud computing!  It has been ascertained that cloud computing is the future of technology.  You sure would have heard about this term. It is spoken about everywhere.

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  • Securing Your Business in the Cyber World

    02 November 2017 - By sgstechie

    Business in this digital age is growing rapidly, but it does have several disadvantages as well. Penetrate through the mirage of international reach, power of social media, constant exchange of news and data. Did you know that sensitive information related to your business is highly at risk on the internet? Classified documents, your financial records as well as details of huge transactions can be easily accessed with a tiny breach of cyber security.

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  • Rise of Chatbots

    20 October 2017 - By sgstechie


    Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots are getting more involved in our daily lives than what is acknowledged. Facebook along with Standford University researchers have developed Woebot that offers interactive cognitive behavioral therapy. The campaign was led by Andrew Neg; a prominent figure who previously led efforts to develop and apply the latest AI technologies at Google.

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  • Trends of Technology in 2017

    13 October 2017 - By sgstechie

    The year 2017 will be registered in history as a turning point for technology. This is the year in which the so-called-factious advancements in movies actually became reality. These technological advancements have in some way or the other made an impact on each part of our lives.


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