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The “Big” Backdrop: Big Data has the capability to be the single most important constituent of your Business Strategy. This realization has influenced and covered organizations across verticals and industries.

The buzzword in database computing (the cornerstone for Data Processing and Analytics) has shifted from sequential database to non-sequential (NOSQL); an indicator of the same is the increased number of Big Data MongoDB project/implementations we perform in Jacksonville.

Certified Professionals: SGS Big Data teams are comprised of proven IT professionals who are certified and knowledge-updated. Our talent database has a solid, dependable mix of veterans who have graduated through technologies and products; and newly trained engineers.

The Technology Question: Power and robustness are imparted by the right-fit combination of technologies that correspond to your requirements. SGS Big Data Implementation teams have expertise and successful exposure to Database Management Systems that specifically cater to Big Data and Big Data Processing Frameworks (and their tools).

“Expertise, Resource-Rich across Database Management Systems and Big Data Processing Frameworks”

We have and continue to provide targeted and highly effective training in Information Technology and concomitant fields. Our “Hadoop” training classes are an example wherein world class professionals coach, guide, and, impart know-how to recipients.

Quick QA Regarding Capabilities & Availability

What are SGS’ capabilities toward providing Big Data implementation services in Jacksonville?

As a Big Data Developer: SGS is uniquely capable in developing Big Data driven solutions. We have capabilities across multiple technology combinations that include Hadoop, Apache Spark, Cassandra, MongoDB, and Hive Etc. The components include DBMSs, Big Data Processing Frameworks, Tools, Analytics Tools and more.

“Our resources are deep enough to handle Big Data Apache spark implementation in Jacksonville and Florida. With Apache Spark being a popular and yet upcoming Big Data processing framework.”

As a Big data Consultant Provider: We maintain specialized sections in our resource database dedicated to the various Big Data technologies, frameworks, tools, and database management systems. Additionally we maintain records of personnel presently placed, monitor contracts that are about to expire Etc. We have also successfully implemented “Boomerang-Hire” policy for hard-to-locate positions.

What combinations do SGS Technologie specialize at with regard to Big Data services?

We have certified Data Analysts, Data Scientists, Data Visualizers, and Data Virtualization Specialists among our in-house team and consultants. The technologies we cover are multifold including Mongo DB, Hadoop, Apache Spark, and Cassandra Etc. among more.

Does SGS provide Big Data Implementation across Florida State?

We have an established presence in Tallahassee in addition to our Headquarters for 13+ years at Jacksonville. SGS’ business and resource network is well entrenched in Florida’s IT scene. Our collaboration with talent, trainers, and consultants of national and international repute ensure quality offerings across the State.

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