SGS Technologie is “the” Citrix Technology Partner

Secure, Remote, & Effective: – SGS Technologie has been providing Citrix Consultant services for more than a decade now. We have handled implementations, technology- refresh, maintenance, and troubleshooting of Citrix environments across organizations in Jacksonville and across Florida State.

Point in Case:
Our experience extends from its first Citrix XenApp release in 2008 to the more recent 2015 release version 7.7. We also have implementation, maintenance, and troubleshooting experience in their entire range of products.

Implementers, Analysts, Designers, & More: We are Citrix licensed distributors and have provided relevant and planned implementations that were precise in their capabilities and with the ability to evolve.

SGS’ Citrix Consultant services in Jacksonville are routinely leveraged at different phases of implementation. We are also established Citrix Distributors and Citrix Infrastructure Partners to multiple clients in Jacksonville.

SGS Citrix Implementation services performed in Jacksonville include centrally managing applications and/or desktops to provide for remote access, improve performance, functionality, security, and support.

“SGS has proven the quality of its Citrix Consultant services across Florida State time and again. A point in case has been our ability to provide clients with resources that possess version-specific experience”

We have performed multiple roles such as Citrix Engineer/Consultant, Citrix Systems Analyst, Citrix Implementer, Citrix Infrastructure Designer, Licensed Citrix Distributor Etc. to organizations in and out of Florida.

Case Study 1: Citrix Infrastructure and Technology Refresh in Jacksonville

The requirement was to build a new Citrix infrastructure, XenApp and “migrate” the existing applications from the Windows platform to this new server farm. System requirements for XenApp features and related technologies and all System Requirements documentation was taken care by SGS; including plug-ins and agents, Web Interface, Service Monitoring, Provisioning Services and Capacity Management.

Virtual servers were extensively and exclusively used in this solution. The virtual servers provide the infrastructure necessary to support the implemented XenApp solution. SGS took care of the following exclusively in regard to this project: –

  • Build new XenApp 7.6 servers. These will need to deploy & configure to achieve the slated scope, and include appropriate Delivery Controller Server(s), License/Storefront Server(s), and other components as necessary. A production environment and test environment will be deployed.
  • Install all necessary updates
  • Create profile store
  • Create new XenApp farm
  • Install/configure up to six (6) Streaming Application
  • Test application access/functionality

Case Study 2: Citrix Infrastructure Upgrade & Disaster Recovery Plan in Jacksonville

Client sought the implementation XenApp 7.7 to replace their existing legacy XenApp 6.x solution providing for hosted access to applications and desktops. Client also needed to utilize XenApp as part of a larger overall disaster recovery plan.

SGS made and implemented the following recommendations as part of this engagement:

  • Implement XenApp 7.7 to provide shared hosted desktops and applications.
  • Utilize Machine Creation Services to provide for a consistent and easily managed single-image instance of the XenApp application hosts.
  • Provide remote access via NetScaler Gateway.
  • Implement a small number of hosted virtual desktops (XenDesktop) to validate if virtual desktops have a place within the JTA organization.
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