Data Warehousing simply put, is a collection of data in an IT environment. The data is organized so that it can be easily analyzed, extracted, synthesized and used to make Data Drive Decisions (D3). Data Warehousing enables your organization to bring together an integrated and holistic view of your suppliers, customers, your organization and serves as the foundation for producing strategic insights. SGS’s Data Warehousing solution combines the industry’s most robust ETL capabilities with integrated data quality unlike no other. Flexible and scalable storage options provided through SGS Technologie’s Data Warehousing solution ensure information can be disseminated quickly and cost-effectively to business and analytic applications. SGS’s Data Warehouse management tools provide you with a single point of control for managing processes that span the entire enterprise.

The success of a Data Warehousing initiative depends on a well crafted vision and the long term strategy developed during the conceptualization stage. SGS works closely with clients to build a long term strategy, which forms the basis for the development and deployment of the Data Warehousing solution. Be bold and allow us to partner with you to satisfy your Data Warehouse needs.

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