In a complex supply chain environment, the clients and their trading partners need better visibility than ever before. How can you be confident that you have accurate information about your products at any point in the supply chain?

Manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, logistics providers and retailers have been rapidly adopting RFID – not only to meet trading partner requirements, but to gain greater supply chain visibility and the control they need to increase operational efficiency and improve customer service.

RFID Solutions include

  • Solution Components
  • EPC Manager
  • Enterprise EPC Manager
  • Integration Manager for RFID

RFID Services

  • RFID Implementation
  • RFID Product Assessment

    RFID in a Box

    Our RFID Solutions are easily integrated into almost any business model or application environment – eliminating much of the custom development that is often required reducing implementation time and costs.

    RFID Solutions

    Improve supply chain visibility supports operational efficiency, reduces inventory costs and stock-outs. The RFID services are based on real-time information for better forecasting, demand planning and decision support with an increase in automation of product handling for fewer errors, faster customer service, and accelerated return on investment. Security is strengthened against product theft and loss of continuity.

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