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Salesforce CRM for Your Business: –

SGS Technologie is a highly apt Salesforce Consulting partner for your Customer Relationship Management and Business Marketing Automation requirements. Salesforce CRM is proven to be most effective when implemented with certified professionals.

“SGS Technologie is a Salesforce Certified Partner”

Our teams of professional Salesforce consultants have handled myriad forms of Salesforce CRM implementations through the years. Our in-house teams and consultants cover multiple roles including that of: –

  • Salesforce Implementers
  • Salesforce Administrators
  • Salesforce Developers
  • Salesforce Business Consultants

Salesforce is the leading CRM and Marketing Automation platform in the world. This is a must-have business process enabler considering the evolving client needs and marketing modalities. Successes using the Salesforce CRM offerings hinge on the “quality of implementation” – a facet we continually fine-tune.

SGS & Salesforce: –

SGS Technologie is a Salesforce service provider for the entire range of Salesforce related services. We cover end-to-end management that complements and is customized to your Business Processes and Practices.

Additionally we understand the dynamics behind and work toward: –

  • Enterprise Mobility
  • Enhanced Data Governance and Integration

SGS’ Salesforce Developer services are leveraged by a wide ranging clientele. We have performed as Salesforce Implementers for clients in Jacksonville, Florida, and across the nation. Our Salesforce Administrator database in particular is always in demand.

Our Salesforce Administrator, Developer, and Implementer teams are guided by the following approach: –

  • PLAN & PREPARE: – map client business processes;
  • CUSTOMIZE: – develop solutions corresponding to each requirement;
  • IMPLEMENT: – without a hitch;
  • MAINTAIN & FINETUNE: – iteratively till we get it right.

“Being a Certified Salesforce Partner, we have and leverage access to the latest and proven enhancements, know-how, and best practices that evolve from the Salesforce stable.”

A Quick QA on Capabilities and Availability: –

  • Does SGS provide SF Developer and Associated Services in Jacksonville?
    Yes, we have a wide range of resources that are currently on job, resources that are ready to deploy, and also resources who are presently interning.
  • Does SGS provide SF Developer and Associated Services across Florida?
    Yes we are a capable of deploying/providing SF Developers, Implementers, Administrators, and Consultants across the State. We have 2 full service branches in Jacksonville and Tallahassee and a resource database that covers the entire nation. We are adept at providing resources that are based locally or are willing to relocate.
  • Does SGS have the bench strength and/or depth in resources to deal with varied requirements?
    SGS maintains a robust in-house database of SF Developers, SF Implementers, SF Administrators, and Salesforce Business Consultants. Our resource-replacement strategy too ensures a quick turnaround in case required.
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>  150+ software release/year