SGS Technologie is pleased to announce its latest range of offering of the SQL Server database administration, performance tuning and optimization services.

We offer a wide-range of database solutions and services to our clients. Our group of expert DBAs can offer high-end, reliable, robust, high-performing database environments. We provide continuous monitoring, and maintenance of database servers to meet Service Level Agreement defined within the scope of your project.

What we offer

SQL Server Installation, Upgrade and Migration


We specialize in delivering builds of SQL Server Environment. We offer fresh installs, upgrade from lower version to higher version of SQL Server, upgrade from standard to enterprise editions, migration from other Relational DBMS to
SQL Server and migration to alternate or other data centers.

SQL Server Standardization and Automation


We design, deliver and deploy automated solutions that are recurring in nature and require minimal manual intervention thus ensuring cost effective implementation of IT solutions.

Backup and Recovery

Ignorance on reliable backups and recovery procedures is not an area that you would want to overlook when it comes to managing your IT. We provide highly reliable solutions and strategies for database backups that can be trusted to recover, based on the needs of business and its applications with almost no or minimal downtime.

High-Availability and Disaster Recovery Solutions


We ensure that your Database is up; ready and running even during an unforeseen uncertainty. We prepare your database environment to have the lowest downtime possible using SQL Server native high-availability solutions. These solutions are designed as per the needs of your business.

SQL Server database maintenance tasks

Maintenance is terribly important and your database is no exception to this saying, we at SGS take care of this for you by designing, deploying and delivering SQL Server maintenance tasks that will enhance and improve performance.

Securing SQL Server and its underlying infrastructure


We secure your database servers by ensuring minimal risk and intrusion. Our team can optimize the safety and security of your environment in such a way that even expert hackers can’t get past through our secure gate.

Operating System Tuning

Operating system errors always degrade performance. Proper OS tuning improves system performance by preventing the occurrence of error conditions. We offer services that ensure that your OS is properly tuned. Our DBAs work in tandem with experts of Windows administrators to make sure that your OS performance is up to its optimal capacity.

Storage and Network Tuning


We at SGS provide services of Storage and Network Tuning to our clients. We use a dedicated network such as local area network (LAN) or a storage area network (SAN), for backup operations. We help you keep device drivers for network components updated to take advantage of the latest fixes and improvements.

Performance monitoring

We use customized and third party tools to monitor your database server’s performance. Our tools provide valuable insights into what is wrong with your current environment and what can be done to optimize your database for best performance.

SQL Server Performance and Query Tuning


Our team of DBA’s work with Developers and IT application architects to figure out potential performance issues and provides solutions that aim at eliminating these issues.

Replication Designing and Performance tuning for High-volume environments

We specialize in designing and delivering replication services such as snapshot, transactional replication, peer-to-peer replication, and merge replication for low to very high volume database environments.

Managing Very Large Databases


We offer IT services to clients who have databases whose sizes vary from ranging from few Gigabytes to multiple Terabytes in Size. Our team helps to build, optimize and maintain very large database environments.

Remote Database Administration Services

We provide Remote database administration services to our clients at affordable-cost yet reliable with high performance.

SQL Server Training, And Certification


We provide training for beginners and experienced professionals in SQL Server certifications. Our training curriculum includes topics that are beyond the scope of certifications but are used by various businesses in real-time.
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