In our lives filled with complex systems that include computers, cars, consumer products, and business procedures, the need for accurate and accessible information to explain the complex systems has never been greater. Technical communication is an essential ingredient in the success of any product, service or business. Effective technical communication involves scientific or technical knowledge of the complex system, comprehension of how the system can be used safely and efficiently, as well as communicating with the users.

Technical communicators are highly skilled, experienced and trained in preparing instructional materials that are used to support complex systems. Indeed, some of the most successful technical communication is that which allows a person to use the product or service almost intuitively. Technical communicators produce:

  • User Guides
  • Manuals
  • Online Information
  • Product Design

They are committed to quality and professionalism and respond to a host of names/titles that include:

  • Information Designers
  • Publication Managers
  • Documentation Managers
  • Illustrators
  • Translators
  • Quality Managers
  • Desktop Publishers
  • Engineers
  • Graphic Designers
  • Technical Communicators
  • Multimedia Designers
  • Software Designers
  • Trainers
  • Webmaster

Allow SGS’s professional and knowledgeable technical communicators an opportunity to develop documentation to support your complex system.

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