We have successfully implemented automation testing for numerous clients in the insurance services and financial industries. We automate the application so that it performs the required testing quickly and frequently. It is the most cost effective method for long software lifecycle issue. We are deliberate in our approach to account for minor patches which can cause other issues downstream.

Automation Framework is categorized on the basis of the automation component they leverage to include

  • Data-driven Framework
  • Modularity-driven Framework
  • Keyword-driven Framework
  • Hybrid Framework
  • Cucumber Framework

Benefits received through automation testing include

  • Reduction in iterative testing of future applications
  • Savings in manpower costs and higher efficiency, up to 90% reliability
  • Improved regression testing achieved in shorter time
  • Improved consistency over the entire testing process for better outcomes
  • Re-usability and accommodation for modifications
  • Flexible, iterative and constant for the entire application

Our method is to assimilate function libraries, test data cradles, object details and various reusable components. These modules act as small building blocks which need to be gathered to represent a business process. These challenges can be addressed by deploying well-designed automated regression test suites that use a precise set of automation tools.

Our framework is an integrated system that sets the rules for automation of a specific application. This framework makes the testing effort much simpler where universal standards and principles can be defined using the regulations for all the applications and provides the foundation of automation testing and simplifies the automation effort. Our testing suites ensure that any change in code does not change the existing functionality of the software. The final results is our regression test suites help significantly reduce overall maintenance testing costs and shorten implementation timeliness, which is a significant advantage for any business.

SGS Technologie delivers independent third-party software application testing services and covering the entire span of the software release lifecycle. As a boutique ISO 9001:2008 firm, we ensure a process-driven approach in all our software testing activities.

Our flawless process, strict adherence to international standards, fully transparent functioning and flexible delivery models make us the most preferred testing partner for your business.

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