One of the issues facing organizations is browser compatibility testing, more appropriately referred to as user experience testing. This process requires testing of web applications using different web browsers so users see the same results no matter which browser they use.

With compatibility testing, it should be determined how well a software application functions with applicable hardware, software, operating systems and network environments. Without compatibility testing, organizations run the risk of possible negative reactions to the software and potentially ongoing support needed due to incompatibility issues between new software applications and operating systems. The solution to this problem is simple; trust your compatibility testing to SGS Technologie.

An application should function and respond the same way with different browsers, have backward compatibility, and have transparency through hardware and different compilers. Additionally, applications should run on multiple host/guest emulators, various hardware, operating systems, databases and browser versions. Our testing environment is equipped with a variety of enterprise-class applications designed to meet precise business needs to guarantee reliability testing.

SGS Technologie’s Approach


Identify a client’s requirements and assess any compatibility issues


Determine all possible test scenarios and coverage measurements


Execute tests using highly skilled and experienced test engineers, against the required hardware and software environments.


Report results of user test environments, test cases, identifying defects and
issues, with thorough and detailed analysis of possible causes and solution options.

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