Integration testing ensures that new releases of a software application are integrated completely with any business support existing applications. Integrated system testing is performed on the entire system in the context of a Functional Requirement Specification (FRS) and a System Requirement Specification (SRS). This process tests not only the design, but also the application performance, especially measured against specific client expectations. It is also envisioned to test up to and outside the bounds defined in the software/hardware requirements specification(s).

Using this process, results are repeatedly exceeding client expectations using a distinct test environment for all potential testing circumstances. Inadequacy management and predicted test criteria ensure test completion within quantified time frames and with the highest fulfillment conditions met.

The tenacity of integration testing is to identify any variations between the software units that are combined together and/or between any of the other accumulations. We seek to uncover defects both within the Integrated Systems and also within the system as a whole. We constantly upgrade our personalized software applications to support rapidly evolving customer relationship practices.

We create reliable test scenarios, test conditions, cases, scripts, and test data strategies required to ensure full coverage of an applications functionality. Our domain-focused approach combined with best practices provides ensured success in testing the application. Our domain knowledge in PHP, Dot Net and SharePoint, especially for banking and financial environments, helps us to rapidly recognize the structural design of the application hub and its interfaces, and understand to a greater degree all our clients expectations.

A modular testing approach is a very successful approach we take with each project. This facilitates the function of testing into modules. Each tested unit is delivered to the client as an end-to-end process. This takes less time and paves the way for the end user to receive an error-free product within needed time frames. Also, the end user can evaluate each module where the product closure can be tracked effortlessly.

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