Organizations are following a growing Information Technology (IT) trend. The trend is to focus internal resources on the development of software and outsource testing and validation. This trend has tremendous benefits if the organization chooses its Quality Assurance (QA) partner based on results and industry strengths. Quality assurance is a critical element in an IT environment and impacts the organization’s business practices as well as the bottom line. SGS Technologie understands the importance of QA and offer services to implement user acceptance testing that result in increased acceptance in less time. Our talented and dedicated team approaches each testing project from a business user’s perspective, thereby ensuring that the goals are met, the application works, and the system satisfies all requirements.

User Acceptance Testing can be used successfully in the following areas

  • New product launches
  • Migration from one software application to another
  • Future enhancements
  • Generate automated regression test suites
  • Business and functional testing for bug

SGS uses a unique approach to user acceptance testing. Our exceptional testing results stem from running our testing services parallel with the software development process. Finding bugs and fixing them at the early stages of software development reduces and/or potential problems.

As an independent software development company with superior testing services, SGS Technologie is poised to help organizations ensure effective User Acceptance Testing with test cases created using the latest methods. The test cases are developed during the requirements definition phase and guarantee appropriate analysis of all scenarios during testing. The testing is performed in an environment that simulates the production environment. Such testing explicitly emphasizes real world usage of the application.

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