How retailers can enhance their customers’ user experiences?

Retail has gone online now. Almost every retail firm has its own online store. With hundreds of thousands of such online stores that can be accessed from the internet, why should customers across the country choose your retail firm? The differentiator is the User Experience (UX) of each website. This means how the approach with which each retail firm’s website greets its visitors?

What are the colors used? Is the design attractive? How about the navigational features on the website? Can customers immediately find what they seek when they visit the website? These features and much more cement the relationship between the buyer and seller on the website. A positive customer experience increases satisfaction which consequently leads to an increase in repeat sales, customer loyalty and surely an increase in revenue.

Check out the rationale behind rich user experiences for your websites from this angle. Research conducted by Market Reports Hub has suggested global customer experience expenditures are has grown from $3.77 billion in 2014 and is expected to reach $8.39 billion in 2019. That is nearly 100% growth in just 5 years! Retailers should start sailing in this high tide and utilize the most favored channels such as mobile/tablet applications, big data platforms and highly scalable software products to deliver added value on each sale.

The basic features of good User Experience on a retailer’s site are:

  • Navigation can be defined as the set of actions and techniques guiding users throughout the app or website, enabling them to fulfill their goals and successfully interact with the product. Users are navigated via interface with a number of interactive elements such buttons, switches, links, tabs, bars, menus, and fields

  • Menus: It is a graphical control that presents the options of interactions with the interface. Examples are “Save”, “Delete” and “Buy”. Menus can have different locations in the interface (side menus, header menus, footer menus) and different performance of appearance and interaction (drop-down menus, drop-up menus, sliding menus)

  • Call to action: This is perhaps the most important feature in the UX of a website. How can retain firm benefit by people simply visiting your website and approving of its design? Their visits should be converted to sales right? A call to action menu or tab showing contact details should be displayed well on each page, so that visitors to your website will take a proper decision.

These are just a few of the many benefits that a good UX can bring to your retail business. If you wish to design a new website or redesign your existing website according to the latest trends, it is highly recommended that you visit SGS Technologie in Jacksonville, Florida. You may also drop us an email at Our team will be glad for a discussion on how we can provide your business a profitable solution.