Improvement in Website’s UX Design for Maximum Conversion

Importance should be given to User Experience (UX) while designing a website. There are a lot of facets connected to it as UX design improves user satisfaction by improving the usability, efficiency and accessibility of a website. However, the trends in UX design keep changing over the years and it is necessary for a website to adapt to these changes. A good UX design includes much more than an intuitive user flow and an attractive layout.  It needs to positively elevate browsing experiences of visitors. Hence, the conversion process of web visitors to leads has a lot to do with the UX design.

The following are definitive aspects that can improve the User Experience of a website:

Call-to-Action Buttons/Keys:

These are used in a website to guide users towards conversion. Website visitors are taken to the next step with the placement of call-to-action buttons.  That is visitors are guided to the exact purpose for which any professional and/or commercial website is developed; conversions. The term “conversions” here is a wide umbrella which can refer to sale of products/services, boost in brand-image, announcement of special measures or initiatives, and more. A business, professional or government agency operates a website or a web application for a purpose. Call-to-Action buttons assist in reaching that purpose.

Identifying 404 Errors:

Such errors refer to instances when website visitors land on any other page than what was intended. For example, a visitor may require visiting the “About US” section of a website. But if the person lands in the “Contact Us” page, it is a 404 error. These errors can drive away visitors from a website leading to high ‘bounce rates’.  A good UX design can help tackle this issue.  This is done by personalizing the error messages and making them appear more pleasant and at times entertaining.  Certain ways to do are so are by using pleasing messages while displaying errors and customizing error texts with the addition of personal touches.

Usage of Images:

Integrating images in web pages can make them more appealing to website visitors.  But the type of image, its resolution, mobile responsiveness, and positioning in the web template can have a lot of impact. It is also recommended to opt for authentic images instead of purchasing existing ones from third-party platforms.  This is as apt method for the UX of a website to stand above that of competitors while browsing. Moreover, Google’s regulations on plagiarism make the usage of original images even more mandatory.

Page Loading Time:

Modern websites are responsive to all platforms and have fast loading pages. Any delay in buffering of websites or loading speeds will prod website visitors to move way. The apt loading speed per page should be between 2 to 3 seconds. Anything more can push visitors away from the website and also lead to loss of interest. That is, these visitors will not be encouraged to visit the website again.  A website’s reputation could also be severely impacted through word-of-mouth.

SGS Technologie has delivered several web designs with great User Experiences.  Get to us for improving the UX of existing websites or designing new sites that adhere to the highest UX standards.