How will Machine Learning improve Mobile Applications?

Machine Learning is a subset of Artificial Intelligence that enables computers and software versions to learn as well as predict outcomes automatically without human interference. But its usage while developing mobile applications hasn’t been explored much until now. The immense popularity of mobile devices needs to be considered at first. There still are many aspects of a mobile or a handheld device such as androids and tablets that users are not familiar with. What if Machine Learning can help improve the user experience as well as the responsiveness of users to mobile applications?

Impact of Machine Learning on Software Development

It has been ascertained that Artificial Intelligence is increasingly being deployed as a key component of modern software systems. Facial recognition cameras, automated customer support, smart email categorization, and business forecasting are just a few of them. This is just the beginning and there is still long distance to cover. However, Artificial Intelligence wouldn’t have been possible without Machine Learning. These are two different concepts that are related to each other.