The Most Common Software Bugs

Software Applications are not new. They are developed for businesses of different industries, government agencies and professional individuals across Florida. But developing an enterprise software application is only a small fragment of the entire process. The usage of the software and its perfect functioning by the target users as well as every other stakeholder needs to be perfect. This is the divider between the success and failure of an application. And, the presence of malicious elements such as bugs, malfunctions along with the invitation to hacking-elements widen this divider.

Can Software Testing be Automated?

A software development cycle is an organized structure with various phases such as requirement gathering, design, implementation, and testing among others. The process can be lengthy, requiring the allotment of long durations of time as well as plenty of resources. This is especially evident in the software testing phase which verifies if the raw version of the software matches original requirements and if it serves the intended purpose. Yet the length and additional investment required for this phase may not make sense from a commercial perspective.