Predictions for Data Science and AI in Near Future

Data Science, Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence have already provided new capabilities to various industries including B2B or B2C, sales, distribution, manufacturing, and logistics.  The impact and usage are only going to increase even more in 2020 and in near future. More companies will begin to explore and implement automated machine learning pipelines which are important elements of data science platforms. Daily processes such as data preparation, feature engineering, and modeling will get additionally augmented by tools that help automate these steps.

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence in the Transportation Industry

The transportation industry has evolved a lot in the past decade. The integration of the web and software applications has revolutionized the way it functions. However, it still is far from perfect. There still are instances of accidents, air-crashes and miscalculation of journeys such as timing of signals, as well as navigation routes. These may be caused by factors that cannot be predicted such as weather conditions, sudden public gatherings on the road and perhaps even human errors.

How to Protect Your Organization from a Ransomware Attack?

The topic does not need much elaboration. It is an epidemic in today’s economy with businesses, organizations and institutions becoming easy targets. Ransomware is a type of malware that can be used by malicious individuals on the web to freeze a system or mobile device, steal data and demand ransom in exchange for returning access to the system. There are several ways that ransomware can infiltrate a system. The phishing spam is the most common. In this ransomware attack, attachments are mailed in the name of trustable files.

Artificial Intelligence in the Banking Industry

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the adoption of human intelligence processes by machines, especially computer systems and mobile applications.  It enables the creation of intelligent machines that works and reacts like humans.  Some activities that AI can be designed for include speech recognition, learning, strategizing, and problem solving.  AI is already rampant in several industries mostly in the form of iOT applications, Machine Learning and perhaps even Data Engineering.

Types of Blockchain Technologies

The term Blockchain does not refer to any application, web portal or any sort of tool. It is a concept. Blockchain is an encrypted, distributed database of all types of information including dates, numerical values, names, and contact details among others.  Hence, it can be considered as a large file that stores and organizes millions of tons of information. One of the key features of Blockchain is that the information is accessible across several hundreds and thousands of computers.

When should you Upgrade Your Legacy Systems?

There is a compelling approach for all companies, businesses and even government agencies to adapt the latest technologies for being competitive in today’s economy. No doubt about that. However, they key point in this approach is to utilize the latest or in other words the most modern technologies.  The same applies to legacy systems which denote the system applications that have been used for several years or from the beginning of the enterprise. Technology has advanced a lot and continues to do so each day.

How Will Technology Impact the Mortgage Industry in 2018?

Even the mortgage industry has been influenced by advancements in technology. In response, the entire industry has changed its course of action. These changes are visible in mortgage businesses of any size and in any region, yet technology keeps evolving and so does its impact on these businesses. There are different technological trends each year and 2018 isn’t going to be any different.

Two of the expected technological trends in the mortgage industry are:

Advantages of ERP Systems for the Retail Sector

Want a clearer picture than abbreviations? Well, ERP stands for “Enterprise Resource Planning” and combines all the software you use throughout your business into one single system. This unified system takes care of everything you need for your business from end-to-end.  Imagine not needing to use different software systems and train your staff to use each of them for your daily business activities.

Microsoft’s open sources .Net Framework


The enormous software company, Microsft has recently announced that it is open soucing the entire .NET framework, a new initiative by the world leader in technology. Microsoft seems to believe that open-source model of software development is the next big thing in the tech world. Microsoft’s open-sourcing of server-side .Net technologies is a big step for the proprietary desktop software legend. However many feel that .Net still has a long way to go in order to catch up with open source Java.

Trends of Technology in 2017


The year 2017 will be registered in history as a turning point for technology. This is the year in which the so-called-factious advancements in movies actually became reality. These technological advancements have in some way or the other made an impact on each part of our lives.

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