Key Differences Between Dot Net Core and Dot net Frameworks

Microsoft Dot Net is an open-source software component that can operate on Windows, Apple, Mac, and Linux systems.  It provides tools and libraries for the faster and easier creation of Windows software. The advantage of Dot Net is that it enables the development of applications of higher capability, quality and security.  But there seems to be lack of clarity on the key differences between two elements of Dot Net which are Dot Net Core and Dot Net Framework. This can be resolved by first comprehending their actual purposes.

Why use Dot Net Framework?

It is known that the Dot NET Framework is a programming model which supports building and running of software applications for several platforms such as Windows, Windows Server, Windows Phone, Microsoft Azure, as well as XML.

The types of applications that can be created using Dot Net are:

Why use ReactJS?

ReactJS is a JavaScript library that is used for building user interfaces in applications for desktop, mobile as well as iOS mediums. It is maintained by Facebook along with a community of individual developers and companies. React allows developers to create large web applications that facilitates data conversion and updates reloading the page. The core advantages of the codes in the React library are that they are fast, scalable, and simple.

What are APIs and RESTful APIs?

To better explain these concepts it is necessary to go back to how it all began. The Web, as most of us have come to know it, is an information network that can be accessed through a web browser. The Web hosts static data in the form of websites and interactive data in the form of web applications. The blueprint or architecture of the Web differs from that of normal computer systems in several ways; one such difference in architecture is an Application Programming Interface (API).

Why to Opt for PSD to HTML Conversion


The first and most important trait that we see in any web design or web development project today is that of a responsive web design. People browse the internet from different browsers and from different mediums, including androids, mobiles and tablets. This very fact makes it mandatory to opt for PSD to HTML conversion. PSD is the file format for Photoshop document. HTML is utilized extensively in website design as the key mark-up language. As a part of this conversion, static designs are transformed into dynamic ones. But what are its advantages?

Platform as a Service a Pros & Cons


PaaS Platform & the Cloud Advantage

The pivotal advantage of a PaaS platform is the Cloud based service. This guarantees leaner build-start duration. And the pre-established stock business and operational rules will cut some time off development.

“The time advantage will stay beneficial if business rules and functionality requirements remain within the ambit of pre-established norms.”