Advantages of ERP Systems for the Retail Sector

Want a clearer picture than abbreviations? Well, ERP stands for “Enterprise Resource Planning” and combines all the software you use throughout your business into one single system. This unified system takes care of everything you need for your business from end-to-end.  Imagine not needing to use different software systems and train your staff to use each of them for your daily business activities.

Everything will be in just one system and it will be totally under your control! An ERP system is actually the combination of different pieces of software that are considered to be separate. Think of using Microsoft Office, social media platforms, Excel, and Enterprise Software on one platform –   that is one example of how an ERP system can help your retail business.
In fact, an ERP system is designed to cover many areas of a retail business, including:

  • Product planning and cost

  • Manufacturing or service delivery

  • Marketing and sales

  • Inventory management

  • Shipping and payment

Real-Time Benefits
The advantage of ERP is that with centralized data and functionality, your retail store’s software will be one big single block instead of fragmented pieces. You will be able to move information and performs tasks from one section to another seamlessly. A specific example of an ERP system for your retail store is the development of billing software or a POS (Point of Sale) system.
Record sales, transfer your inventory, and specify the prices of each product within seconds. There will be no room for human error or the mismanagement of bulk data. Such systems will definitely be of assistance if you run a chain of retail stores that operate in three or more locations.   A single system will supervise the activities of all the three stores from a single mode.
The prices will be uniform and the transfer of products from storage to customer delivery. Your brand is one, so why should you use different software? Use an ERP system!

ERP System Technology
The most efficient and cost-effective technology needed to develop an ERP system is the third-party application of Salesforce. There will be no infrastructure or programming environment to purchase; you will just need a Salesforce partner like SGS Technologie to set up and manage the application.
After that, your staff can just log in to the system and get to work. It’s that easy! Another option would be to use the Dot Net technology to develop an ERP system. This should be the preferred tool if you wish to completely customize the ERP system with relation to your business. SGS Technologie can be of assistance here, and we will develop a CRM system that will represent your brand name.
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