Benefits of AngularJS and NodeJS

JavaScript is a scripting and programming language that allows you to implement complex things on web pages. It has evolved from a simple client-side scripting language into an incredibly powerful programming language that can assist in the creation of server-side applications in addition to the traditional client-side applications.  This description will be required to analyze the features of AngularJS and NodeJS as well as their benefits. 

AngularJS is a JavaScript framework whereas NodeJS is a cross-platform runtime environment. AngularJS enables developers to create dynamic web applications that are based on model-view controller (MVC) architectural pattern and use HTML as a template language. NodeJS, on the other hand, helps programmers to build scalable server-side applications by using JavaScript as a server-side programming language. 

AngularJS framework and NodeJS platform can be useful for creating and developing powerful  interactive and feature rich cross-platform web applications in JavaScript language on the client and server-side. Each has its own purposes and benefits.

Benefits of Angular JS

  • Right use of MVC: AngularJS implements MVC by splitting up an app into MVC components at first. It then acts as a mediator, manages these components and also serves as the pipeline that connects them.
  • Declarative User Interface: Angular uses HTML; a declarative language which is more intuitive and less convoluted than defining the interface procedurally in JavaScript. It thus simplifies the app development process. 
  • Plain Old JavaScript Objects (POJO): Data models in Angular are Plain Old JavaScript Objects (POJO) that are not bound by any special restriction and do not require any class path.  These data models do not require extraneous getter and setter functions.  
  • Unit Testing Ready: Angular JS’ unit tests are able to take over Dependency Injection (DI) to perform unit testing by injecting mock data into your controller and measuring the output as well as behavior.

Benefits of NodeJS

  • Push Capability: Push technology is an internet communication system in which the transaction request is generated by the central web server or publisher.  NodeJS is best for developing websites and web applications with push capabilities.
  • Non-Blocking I/O Model: Node.js is operated on a non-blocking I/O model that makes it ideal for the data-intensive real-time applications which have to perform in varied environments. 
  • Less Coding: NodeJS makes it easier to transport data between the server and the client since there is less coding involved. This enables simultaneous posting of data on client and the server.
  • Application Productivity: Web applications developed using NodeJS help combine the front-end and back-end teams of an enterprise therefore improving productivity. 

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