Benefits of a Mobile Application Prototype

App prototyping refers to the outlining process of a concept's application. It helps create a raw model of the intended application and enables exploration of new ideas as well as solutions early in the software development cycle. Similarly, a mobile application prototype is a working and interactive model of the end product. With this, a good overview can be gained by all stakeholders on the design and navigation of the app. Hence, any required modification to the app’s structure can be determined even before the development process. Mobile Prototypes convert a creative vision into a real product. Thus a mobile prototype helps match the necessity of developing an application with the goals of a company.

More benefits of a mobile application prototype include:

Involvement of all stakeholders: An app prototype can also help in involving the client and stakeholders during the development of their product. As designers develop a prototype and explore possibilities, clients as well as other stakeholders can participate along with sharing feedback. Preferences of clients to meet specific project goals can be shared. The feasibility of the application can be tested on sample real-time users. Comprehensive solutions can be implemented to fix gray spots and this will ensure that the final application is perfect on all counts.

Streamlines the Budget and Schedule: All stages as well as expenses in developing a mobile application can be determined with a prototype. This will facilitate proper planning as well as the accurate assignment of developers. The involvement of all stakeholders will also assist in determining the maximum budget of the process. Hence, the technology required the number of resources and also the duration to complete the development of an application can be determined with a prototype. It reduces any uncertainty about both development and cost-effectiveness.

Prediction of Success: As stated earlier, prototypes will be used by certain selected real-time users. Their feedback to the first model of the mobile application can give good insights about how the final product will be received by the target audience. Also, it will give a good overview of the market demand for such an application at that time. With this overview, a company or agency seeking to develop a mobile application can predict the best time to release the app in the market.

Working Model: A mobile app prototype is in fact a working model of the final solution, but it will not visible to the end-users. The entire development process is conveyed to the developers as well as other stakeholders right at the beginning. This will leave a lot of time for improvisations and enhancements intended for the final model. A prototype model helps capture the original concept, its usability factor and the final outcome.

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