How to Protect Your Organization from a Ransomware Attack?

The topic does not need much elaboration. It is an epidemic in today’s economy with businesses, organizations and institutions becoming easy targets. Ransomware is a type of malware that can be used by malicious individuals on the web to freeze a system or mobile device, steal data and demand ransom in exchange for returning access to the system. There are several ways that ransomware can infiltrate a system. The phishing spam is the most common. In this ransomware attack, attachments are mailed in the name of trustable files. Once downloaded and opened, cyber criminals get unauthorized access to a victim’s system.

The crisis in such a situation is not only about the “ransom”; a lot of critical information and data security is also at stake. These number of attacks and their intensities have only increased in the last few months. It is very much necessary that companies and agencies across the United States immediately take precautionary measures to protect themselves against such attacks in the future. The first step would be to procure the services of a Cyber security company such as SGS Technologie for completely analyzing your system and fixing security loopholes. We provide IT security services such as firewalls, intrusion prevention, security threat analysis, penetration testing, incident preparation along with responses, and more.


Training Your Staff: We understand that staff members play important roles in combatting online threats and protecting an organization from cyber threats such as ransomware attacks. SGS augments abilities of staff members in identifying signs of malware, in following safe practices and responding instantly when such cyber threats are observed. Training is provided regarding the latest forms of ransomware, the precautionary steps that need to be taken to avoid them in the first place and minimizing the damage in certain unavoidable circumstances.

Restricting Authorization: The ability to install and run software applications on all your network devices will only be with the core management and a few selected staff members of your company. In this way, there will be limited exposure to malware. SGS will integrate such a capability within your system and guide you on how to authorize only selected members.

Backup and Recovery:  Regular backups will be implemented of all data that is transacted within your system. This can be done in your existing server or on cloud platforms. Our experience in using the cloud as well as hosting services of AWS gives us the advantage of ensuring 24/z access to all data and no loss at unexpected natural disasters and blackouts. We will facilitate automatic backups of all your data at regular intervals.

Updating the System: We will ensure antivirus and anti-malware solutions are updated to the latest versions for your system to operate without any hindrance. This includes your organization’s email on servers such as Microsoft Outlook and the safety of your web browsers. SGS migrates legacy applications to modern platforms for minimizing the risk of ransomware attacks.

Installing Advanced Software: SGS can install third-party anti-virus software from trustable sources and/or develop a customized anti-virus application for your enterprise’ system. This will detect malicious programs such as ransomware as soon as they arrive in your system, thus preventing them from the first execution.

If you are still operating an older system or legacy application, we suggest that you get a system evaluation done immediately. SGS Technologie is an experienced IT Security Consulting firm in Jacksonville, Florida. Reach out to us for an audit of your existing organization system.