How to Speed-Up Your Drupal Site With AMP

Speed is an integral part of designing web pages. Speed is of prime importance for loading a website’s content and its accessibility on multiple devices with different resolutions and sizes. Did you know that the number of people accessing the web from mobile phones has been increasing rapidly which motivated Google to tweak its ranking algorithms?

However, several factors could affect the browsing speeds of different users who visit your website. These visitors could be on a limited bandwidth with lower internet speeds and low-end devices. As a result, advertisements, offer pop-ups, fancy CSS and heavy JavaScript can often result in a sluggish experience for these visitors. The easiest and most cost-effective option is utilizing AMP.

AMP HTML:  The AMP framework has strict rules for the HTML tags you can use. To ensure the page loads faster, certain HTML elements like forms are not allowed on AMP. AMP framework also requires that you use a streamlined version of CSS. View the full list of required HTML tags for AMP framework. These rules and guidelines aren’t new when it comes to building web content using modern HTML and CSS.

AMP JS: AMP restricts the use of any JavaScript to ensure fast loading of websites on mobile devices. The only exception is for AMP scripts, which are optimized to allow faster page loading. The replacement for JavaScript is provided with a library of easy-to-implement components. The utilization of AMP will enable creating animations, loading content dynamically, modifying layout, and using more of AMP’s vast component library. AMP also has a component for GDPR compliance.

AMP CDN (Content Delivery Network):  Also known as AMP Cache, a critical component of AMP platform is its proxy-based content delivery network (CDN).  A content delivery network (CDN) can be defined as a system of distributed servers (network) that deliver pages and other Web content to a user, based on the geographic locations of the user, the origin of the webpage and the content delivery server. For example, the updates on Facebook will appear differently to users in the United States when compared to users from Europe or Asia.

Advantages of using AMP on a Drupal Based Website:

  • Increases the volume of organic search traffic.
  • Increases engagement and conversions resulting in faster, better mobile experiences.
  • Reduces the load on website servers since AMP CDN caches and responds to most search results.
  • Enables the website’s to be featured prominently in AMP carousel on mobile search results.
  • The amp-carousel component appears on Google search engine results. It allows you to display multiple pieces of content along a horizontal axis.

SGS Technologie has a lot of experience in developing Drupal based websites with AMP integration. We always ensure that our website designs respond quickly to devices of any size or screen resolution. Contact us today to develop your company’s new AMP based websites or optimizing the speed of your existing Drupal websites.