The use of Data Mining for Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the latest trend in commerce. There is no doubt about that. Every organization in the private sector, public sector and even non-profit domain is utilizing different aspects of digital marketing to reach the maximum audience within a short period of time. A factor that is often overlooked or ignored in several digital marketing strategies is the utilization of data. Everything is on the internet now including details of prospective customers, their interests and expectations. Data Mining can be used to analyze all this information and assist in the development of targeted-digital marketing strategies.

Data mining is the process of collecting, processing and analyzing data to discover the insights from it.  It uses methods such as statistics, database systems and machine learning as base for technology to explore large databases, whether automatically, semi-automatically or even manually. Data mining services helps organizations to analyze these huge amounts of data and pick out genuine insights that are related to an organization’s line of business. Activities on a social media platform such as Facebook can be the best illustration of Data Mining’s benefits.

People of different ages, tastes and nationalities get together on Facebook. Several of them share basic information such as genders, ages and geographical location. Besides these, Facebook’s members share almost all their thoughts, likes/dislikes and opinions on the platform. Data Mining processes help collect all such information from an immense number of users across multiple regions.  Imagine how many benefits this wealth of information can give a company’s digital marketing strategy?

It should be acknowledged that the basic queries any business or commercial establishment will have are, ‘how to know the customers, how to understand market conditions and what tools can be implemented to analyze trends. Match that with the fact that Data Mining can be very useful for companies to find and understand their specific target audience, such as their buying habits/trends and positive and negative opinions about particular brands, products or services.  Months of research, investment on several marketing campaigns can be replaced with a simple process of data mining.

How does Data Mining Work?

Data mining is a process that consists of different steps. In order of succession, these are:

Data Integration: The data is collected and integrated from all the different sources.

Data Selection: The collected data is then filtered and bits that are related to a business are picked here. So in this step we select only those data which we think useful for data mining.

Data Cleaning: The data collected may not be completely accurate and may contain errors, missing values, noisy or inconsistent data. Different techniques and tools are applied in the cleaning stage to get rid of such anomalies.

Data Transformation: The cleansed data is optimized further and transformed into forms appropriate for mining. Tools such smoothing, aggregation and normalization are used to accomplish this. Interesting patterns are discovered.

Pattern Evaluation and Knowledge Presentation: This step involves visualization, transformation and removing redundancies from the generated patterns.

Decisions / Use of Discovered Knowledge: The final set of data is utilized to draw insights and make business decisions.

Some of the most sophisticated and advanced data mining methods include sales reports, web analytics and metrics and loyalty programs. Other methods include monitoring systems on social networks, forums and websites.

Impact of Data Mining on Digital Marketing

Collection, integration, analysis, and suitable presentation of business intelligence data are the main aspects of Data Mining that help is marketing over the web. Data mining helps an organization know the A to Z of clients.  The use of Business Intelligence after Data Mining and Analytics helps identify a genuine pattern of customer behavior. As a result, one of the biggest impacts that any form of Big Data has on digital marketing is the emphasis on customization/personalization of content on various digital channels.

The pages created, the language tone as well as marketing strategies can be personalized to affect the mentalities of prospective customers. Actually, marketing efforts get very limited after data mining.  A business doesn’t need to convince customers to try its products or services. Data Mining can give insights on which customer exactly needs those products or services. Also, they can give digital marketing strategies include increased number of page views per session, increased number of average profit per check and increased brand awareness.

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