Why Does Your Firm Need a Visitor Management System?

Every office witnesses a steady stream of visitors each day.  Although this high presence of visitors could indicate that everything is functioning normally and business is doing great, it could also have its drawbacks. Whether it is a private company, government department or an educational institution, the importance of tracking the traffic allows for a better understanding of what is taking place within the organization.  The necessity of knowing who is visiting your premises, the times they arrive and leave and for the purpose of the visit is crucial.

An appropriate solution for this will be the integration of a visitor management software system to the existing infrastructure of your business or department. By doing so, it maintains security, keeping a digital log of visitors and their details, as well as improves the efficiency of managing the office as compared to traditional methods such as books or registers.  Visitor management is about controlling access, knowing who’s in the building and making employees accountable for their visitors.

Advantages of a visitor management system in lieu of a register book include:

  • Maximum Accuracy:  Your staff may not able to accurately record details of each visitor, especially during peak hours. The number of visitors may be large while you have limited staff.  There also may not be enough time to verify details submitted by each visitor.  This can have serious implications for offices such as a government department where security is of high importance. A visitor management tool solves these issues by registering each visitor and authenticating his or her details within seconds. Moreover, there is no chance of any human error. The recorded details will be 100% accurate.
  • Saves Time: The receptionist at your office could take up to 10 minutes or more to record details of each visitor, while others are in line waiting to check-in. This could delay appointments each and unnecessarily lengthen the visit time. A visitor management system can save time and complete recording details of each visitor as well as authenticating his or her details within seconds.
  • Easy Access:  The details recorded in a visitor management system can be easily accessed at anytime and anyplace. If the need arises to identify the entry and exit times of any particular visitor, there will no longer be a need to search through your registry pages scanning through lists of names. Simply entering the name of the visitor or a particular date will give you the results.

In addition, a visitor management system ensures that the security of your premises is diligently maintained at all times. Advanced Visitor Management systems can track the exact times people arrive at your premises, restrict the area within your building people are allowed to access, control the length of the visit and conduct background checks for criminal history if the need arises.      

  • Securing the office lobby:  The lobby can be considered the most important security point in any building or facility. A complete lobby system must be in place that supports security physically, electronically and procedurally.  A visitor management system installed at the office of a firm, organization, institution or department can accurately capture visitors’ pictures, signatures, business cards and driver’s license information.
  • Advantage of digital security:  A digital application such as visitor management system provides an audit trail that is easy to track and access.  Visitor management systems are not as prone to security breaches as is the case with logbooks, reusable visitor badges and security guards.  Besides, such systems record information accurately that will be legible to all, and cannot be tampered with by hackers or other malicious elements.
  • Additional benefits:   In addition to securing your premises, visitor management systems improve productivity of a firm as its visitors can be pre-registered electronically and multiple visitors can be processed simultaneously.  A visitor management system can also can track assets and provide traffic reports for resource planning. The icing on the cake is that a visitor management system can enhance responses in emergency situations by determining the presence and location of visitors within the facility.

How does a visitor management system work?

The process starts with a visitor arriving at your premise.  Their details are registered in a firm’s computer and the proper identification is provided, such as a driver's license or passport to be used as the credential. These details can be manually entered or scanned into the system.  Then a temporary visitor badge is generated, which the visitor wears this pass while on the premises and returns while exiting.

The receptionist at your lobby signs the visitor out and marks it in the system.

The electronic visitor management system keeps track of all the visitors who come in and provides the ability to sort, analyze, and retrieve visitor data for any given time frame. The main features of a visitor management system are:

  • Visitor Badges:  A visitor management system can take a photo of every visitor and instantly print a badge with that photo, the name of the person they are visiting, and the date their visitor pass expires. This feature enables the guarantee that anyone currently on the company’s premises is authorized to be there.
  • Digital Visitor Log:  The in-time and out-time of each visitor is recorded in a digital visitor log. The purpose of his or her visit, the duration spent and personal details can be accessed anytime in the future. Typing the name of the visitor or searching for information on a particular date will generate these details within seconds. There will be no need to browse through printed documents anymore.
  • Private Visitor Records:  Only authorized individuals and the management of a firm will be able to access details of the visitors. This will ensure the privacy of these visitors and also that this information is secure from invasion by nefarious third-parties. A visitor management system ensures that only the right people in a company are aware about details of visitors to the office on a daily basis.
  • ITAR Compliance: Firms of certain sectors are required by the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) to verify if visitors are U.S. citizens. This information is then conveyed in the notification messages and stored in the visitor log for future reference. A visitor management system removes the possibility of outsiders gaining unauthorized access to a company’s premises.

SGS Technologie has developed a high-quality visitor management system with all the above features and even more. Contact us for more details or to view the demo.