Why Opt for Full Stack Development?

A full stack development company in Florida handles all the work of databases, servers, systems engineering, and clients. That is, it handles activities of front-end, back-end and database in a project. Such a company can provide services for mobile application development, web application development and/or software development (native/hybrid platforms). A single team can handle application at all tiers, with client coordination and project management a single developer has to bear entire responsibility of the project. The entire development process takes place on all three layers of architecture; Presentation (Front-end User Interface), Business Logic (Back-end part Data Validation) and Database layer. A full stack development process will essentially involve all the steps from the inception of the idea to the actual product deployment.

Full Stack Development is primarily used to create and design a unique code that can be used for multiple technologies.  The vast expertise of full stack developers can be utilized to customize how a website appears, how it functions and what animations as well as graphics it features. This process will also feature developers who have expertise in converting complex Photoshop designs into front end code.

Advantages of Full Stack Development

Simplicity:  A full stack development strategy enables easy switching between front-end and back-end development activities whenever required, based on the requirements of a project. This saves investments of time and resources (money as well as personnel) by a huge margin as different issues can be solved by the same person.

Complete Authority: The core advantage of full stack development process is that it is not limited to the stage of web development. A full stack development company can modify any part of the design whenever required and can also take ownership of the entire implementation process.

Multiple Technologies: A client can be assured that the best of technology will be utilized with the adoption of full stack development services for a project. The expertise a full stack developer has in creating the backend database, designing front end, adding animations on screen, editing images in Photoshop and much more could be advantageous to deliver the right solution.


SGS Technologie is an experienced full stack development company headquartered in Jacksonville (FL) and with bases in Tallahassee (FL), Ashburn (VA) as well as in Frisco (TX). We have provided web solutions to different government as well as private clients across Florida including areas such as Miami and Tampa. Our customized and scalable solutions are spread amongst popular industrial domains such as healthcare, finance, retail, hospitality, and education. SGS also provides full stack developers to meet IT staffing requirements.  The technologies our developers have proficiency include:

  • Frond End: JavaScript, Angular JS, React JS,
  • Back End: Express.js
  • Databases: MongoDB, MySQL, Oracle, MS SQL Server, and PostgreSQL
  • Designing: HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap, JQuery

Reach out to SGS Technologie for web development, mobile app development and/or IT staffing projects using Full Stack Development and we can discuss what customized solutions can be provided. All you need to do is drop in a mail at info@sgstechnologies.net