Why your business needs an IT staffing firm?

Analysts have predicted a definite increase in IT recruitments for medium to large sized companies that are especially in Jacksonville and other parts of South Florida. A positive outlook is that approximately 30 percent of these companies are expected to increase staff while only 1 percent may shed their manpower. So how will they recruit members? It isn’t a one-day process nor is it as simple as hiring the first candidate who applies for the post.

Process of IT Staffing & Recruitment

Defining the Requirements:  The initial step of this process will be to estimate the manpower requirement of a business or organization. The firm in this context should determine for which post(s) it needs a candidate(s), the necessity of such recruitment and how much this firm is willing to invest on the hired resource. Besides, the firm or the employer needs to analyze if it is a short term requirement or a permanent employee is required? Besides is the firm willing to outsource work? These are just a few among the several points that a firm has to consider in the planning stage of its IT recruitment process. Based on these, a firm has to start searching for candidates.

Interviewing the Candidates: There will be hundreds of applications for a single job vacancy. The process of screening candidates, holding technical rounds and the final face-to-face interviews is traditionally long. Moreover, it is mandatory to conduct background checks on these candidates to verify that they weren’t involved in any criminal, malicious or anti-social activity. The advantage of several applicants for the opening is that employer company or government department will have more choices.

Streamlining & Hiring: The final list of candidates will be chosen and the next rounds of interview will commence. The technical skills, abilities to communicate well, their aptitude, and their expected level of adaption to the hiring company of these candidates will be analyzed to streamline the count. Direct interviews need to be conducted by senior management officials to finalize a candidate as required among these.

The Challenges in IT Staffing Process:

Time-Consuming:  It will involve several steps and can last for a long duration of time. Besides, several employees of a firm need to participate in recruitment procedures which could take away their attention from more important revenue-generating activities. It needs to be considered that IT staffing is only a supplementary activity that brings in resources who can contribute to a company’s growth. The recruitment process may not be the core functionality of a company. Hence the investment of large durations of time on this process could be counterproductive.

Subject Matter Knowledge:  A firm that seeks to recruit IT candidates may not have an IT team of its own. The latest trends in Jacksonville suggest that the maximum portion of companies having IT staffing requirements in 2019 will comprise of businesses in construction, hospitality, transportation, and wholesale sectors in addition to government departments and agencies.  It may be difficult for such firms to have employees specialized in Information Technology.  How will they then interview and recruit candidates to meet specific IT requirements? This factor could be crucial in identifying and recruiting highly skilled candidates with appropriate experiences.

Proper Organization: The final recruitment stage in itself requires efficient handling of different processes that include collecting information of candidates, verifying the authenticity of submitted qualifications and defining a mutually agreeable pay scale.  Final rounds of interviews need to be accurately scheduled at timings that are convenient to both sides.  But the IT staffing process does not end with this selection process. Selected candidates will again have to be subjected to company orientation and training processes.

The Solution

It is recommended to leave this job to the experts and procure the services of a Jacksonville IT consulting firm to meet your requirements. Such companies are efficient in selecting candidates with skills and levels of experience completely match staffing requirements. A company with IT job vacancies only needs to share its requirements with an experienced IT staffing firm. The rest will be taken care of with efficiency and within the urgent schedule. The benefits of hiring an IT staffing company include:

  • Will be handled by subject matter experts
  • Cost-effective
  • Saves a lot of time
  • Reduced risks
  • Flexibility to hire temporary workers, full-time workers or opt for outsourcing.

SGS Technologie is an experienced IT Staffing Firm in Jacksonville. We have been providing IT staffing services for over 16 years to a wide range of clientele in Florida including government departments, government agencies and private firms belonging to several sectors such as communication, transportation and education.