Bringing Digital Transformation to Healthcare

The healthcare industry is booming across every region and the recent spread of disea...

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Improving Predictive Healthcare with Artificial Intelligence

Technology and advancements in medical science have greatly improved the provision of healthcare.  But there still remains a lot of room for innovation in predicting health...

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The latest technology trends in healthcare – 2018

Healthcare is one of the latest industries to acknowledge the relevance of technology in every phase of its operations. Several medical institutions are placing their bids on te...

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Evolution of Virtual Healthcare in the U.S.

Going to the doctor is an age-old practice that has been rooted in the understanding that a medical practitioner needs to directly examine a patient to provide a proper diagnosi...

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Benefits of DevOps for the Healthcare Industry

Healthcare has always been a thriving industry in the United States. Organizations related to healthcare and medical aid are constantly attempting to achieve breakthroughs, intr...

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How Artificial Intelligence will Improve Healthcare in 2019?

Artificial intelligence (AI) can be defined as the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines or computer systems. These processes include learning reasoning and sel...

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