Importance of Big Data Analytics for the Government Sector

Data is the most valuable asset today. There is an immense amount of data available i...

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Blockchain technology is a decentralized, distributed ledger that records the transfe...

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Big Data

What is big data? How is it used? What does it mean for business and for the consumer? How will it change the world??

The term big data describes a massive volume of d...

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What is big about Big Data?

The internet is the largest library of information. Every single data of life as well as man-made objects is available online. This could be very useful for your business as a l...

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Driving Business Value with Data Science

Data Science is capable to provide accurate solutions to business problems when and where required.  A business can learn about customers’ needs, interests, ways of living,...

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The use of Data Mining for Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the latest trend in commerce. There is no doubt about that. Every organization in the private sector, public sector and even non-profit domain is utilizing ...

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Why Big Data Analytics for your business?

Data is everywhere. Each incident, conversation or transaction can be regarded as data. It is just virtually anything that happens in the world.  Big Data refers to the pro...

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Why use Python for Data Science?

Data; in any form is now the most valued asset over the world.  The term Data in this article refers to a collection of facts such as numbers, words, measurements, and obse...

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