How can digital marketing services help you?

Digital marketing is the process of promoting and selling products/services through the internet. A simpler explanation of the term is reaching prospective as well as existing c...

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Our Digital Marketing Services

SGS Technologie is a software development company in Texas that also specializes in digital marketing services.  We are headquartered in Jacksonville Florida and have a str...

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A Leading Digital Marketing Company in Florida

SGS Technologie is a leading digital marketing company in Florida, Our team understands all aspects of digital marketing as well as internet promotion.  Our advantage is th...

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How can AI help Businesses in Marketing?

Artificial Intelligence and Big Data are making their impact on goods along with services of every industry. So, why can’t the same be used for marketing? We will tell you how. ...

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A Tectonic Shift…? Google to go forward exclusively with Four Ads at the Top Format

Google has confirmed axing of right-hand side ads and focus on having four ads at the top. The ubiquitous search engine had this move in the works for some time- as per the know...

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Online Reputation Management

Strategize for the best; for the best; prepare for the worst!

The digital world does not show even a modicum of respect to privacy let alone reputat...

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Ways to Get Business Recognition on Social Media Platforms

There were times when to promote a business there were a set of folks who had to do a lot of field work in reaching out to people physically, knowing their needs, taking surveys...

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