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Technology is getting smarter and so are people or rather the customers. Traditional modes of promotion/advertising such as advertisements, flyers, brochures, and catalogs do not anymore have the same impact as they did a few years ago. For a more precise explanation; many customers no longer pay the required attention to paper and television. This perhaps could be broader classification of customers in tier 1 and tier 2 cities.

iPads and iPhones could impact the future of air travel

What if you found yourself stuck alone at a faraway airport — with no money, credit cards or ID? How easily could you fly back home again? You might survive if you had a smartphone. Emerging “empty pockets” technology is increasingly allowing travelers the ability to use their phones to make purchases, book flights, check in and board planes.

Wallets? They’re so 2008.

Delta, American and United presently support electronic boarding passes on smartphones, and stragglers like JetBlue are planning e-boarding programs in the near future.

Top 5 Mobile Applications of 2012

Mobile apps and related software development is one of the top niche businesses of this decade and will remain so for some time to come. Android, BlackBerry OS, Apple iOS, Symbian OS and Windows Phone are some of the major Mobile Operating systems. Mobile phone platforms dictate which application it supports. Let’s examine some major Apps of 2012 which became famous and used worldwide.

1. ProfiMail

What is PhoneGap – Technology? Facilitator? Enabler?


Mobile, tablets and many such easy-to-carry devices have started a new revolution in the field of software engineering. Since every single person on earth has got a mobile or any such handheld device that they use it to their maximum and it is also convenient to use the easy to carry devices anywhere, anytime.



In order to compete with today’s fast-moving world, customers demand everything at their fingertips. The rapid development of mobile applications has completely changed the way businesses work. Since these applications get seamlessly integrated into all forms of business be it small or large, they have provided a more mobile form of working. If your business does not provide a mobile based service, then there will surely be a decline in the number of customers.

The Winning Factor For Developing Mobile Applications

Mobile Applications

Touch-screen mobile phones as well as Android devices are the identity-cards of the day. To know a person, take a peek at his or her hand-held devices used for communication. Research from different parts of the world reveals that a person spends an estimated 3/4th of the day on his or mobile phone. This can be claimed to me the consequence of the addiction to mobile applications.

Coming down to business, is there a better to reach out to customers than developing a mobile app for your business?

Why Opt For Mobile App Development?

 Mobile App Development

What are mobile apps? Old news, right? If you are living in a city, it is certain that to you would own an android phone or tablet device. Hence, mobile apps are nothing new to you or the general public. But how about developing a mobile application of your own? It is in the news everywhere! Several start-up firms are becoming overnight millionaires as they had developed unique mobile applications. What about your business? Do you have a unique android app for your business?

The difference between native and hybrid application development


Business mobile applications rule the current trends and there are plenty of mobile app developers in Florida. A lot on this topic is still unclear. A business, commercial or professional organization may require development of a mobile application for which it is ready to invest financial resources. But a professional entity which requires the development of a mobile application will have not have the expertise on how the process works or on the variants of mobile apps.