Why should Enterprises Implement Multi-Cloud Strategy in 2020?

Why should Enterprises Implement Multi-Cloud Strategy in 2020?
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A multi-cloud strategy can be defined as a process in which businesses or companies select from different providers. That is, several cloud computing and storage systems are used in a single network. Different cloud assets, software tools, applications, and more are distributed across cloud environments. A mixture of IAAS (Infrastructure As A Service) services are adopted from multiple cloud providers and sharing workloads among each of these services.

Being a Trustworthy Software Development Company in Florida

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The top qualities sought by businesses, organizations and government agencies in a software development vendor are experience, technical expertise along with customized approaches. We have matched all these expectations since our commencement in 2003 and that is perhaps why SGS Technologie is one of the most trusted software development companies in Florida as well as neighboring regions.

Top 5 Software Development Methodologies

Software Development Methodologies

Development of customized software applications for businesses is mandatory for almost all sectors in the current economy. This has also piqued the interest of several companies in Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Texas, and other parts of the United States. However, software development can be a long process and may incur continuous expenditure if not handled by an experienced software development company and with the relevant technology.

Achievements of the fast developing AI Development Company

SGS is a software development company founded in 2003 in Jacksonville, Florida. With expertise in application development, technology consulting, and IT staffing, SGS thrives with professional teams of application development which focuses on high-tech and user-friendly results. We currently serve a wide range of clients in the public and private sectors. In fact, our highly professional and innovative service has made us a preferred provider for state and federal government agencies. We currently service local and state agencies in a variety of English speaking countries around the world.

Why Your Business Needs Open Source?

Open Source software applications offer the most up-to-date advancements in innovation, value, quality, security and ROI available and have been preferred by more than 80% of fortune 1000 organizations. The most important reason for the extensive acceptance of open source applications is capability, cost and control. Most open source projects are developed by programmers to create, and improve upon, a perfect website framework. The term “open source” refers to something that can be modified and customized free of charge because its design is publicly available.

Why use Model-View-Controller for all your projects?

Is MVC still a confusing and difficult-to-implement approach for you?

It is correct that transition from the old approach is tough, but if it is about MVC, don’t delay. It is a perfect architectural pattern to be used for all kind of interfaces and applications. It seems complex in beginning but looks simple after practicing.

What is Oracle EssBase?


Oracle Essbase at its core is a data storage tool, which does a particularly good job organizing data for financial reporting, planning, budgeting, forecasting, and analysis at multiple levels of detail. Oracle Essbase stores and structures the data in a meaningful way to be accessed via several Oracle solutions.

Agile Development


Agile development is a term for iterative and incremental software development. This methodology is an alternative of the mainstream waterfall methodology. There are various agile methodologies which do share similar practices and has same goals. From implementation perspective, each agile methodology has its own set of terminologies and practices. In general, all the agile methodologies share a common vision and common values. Agile methodologies incorporate continuous iterations and feedback which helps them to refine and deliver a successful software system.

Points to consider before choosing the best software development company


There are several software development companies in the market, which have eased the requirement of developing a software application for your business. Since the majority of firms have developed as masters in their field of providing solutions and services, it has become a tough task to choose the perfect software development company. There lies a lot of difference between choosing a software firm and choosing the best software firm for your business. So selecting one from all becomes a tricky job requiring caution. There are a few points you must keep in mind before choosing one.

How to Improve the Effectiveness of Your Automation


It is a fact today that most businesses are getting automated. The use of manual labor in many departments is being replaced by automation software. Nevertheless, even Artificial Intelligence needs testing before it can be executed for on-field functioning. Thus several enterprises resort to automated testing processes to speed up the release cycles, get rid of tedious tasks and to enhance software quality. However, not all automation-testing processes deliver returns on results as anticipated.