Celebrate Thanksgiving Day with SGS!


We at SGS are celebrating today! It has been over 14 years since our beginning and SGS Technologie LLC has a lot of clients to thank for its tremendous success. Hence, which other day is best suited for it than the nationally celebrated Thanksgiving Day?

Did you know? The origin of Thanksgiving is from a practice back in 1621 in which English settlers, known as Pilgrims, invited the local Native Americans to a harvest feast after they experienced a successful season of produce growth. The rampant presence of turkeys across North America soon made it the symbol of Thanksgiving Day. As the years passed by, it was declared a national holiday by President Franklin D. Roosevelt and is continued to be celebrated as a day of being thankful.

SGS Technologie wishes to make this year’s Thanksgiving Day a memoir for all our clients, both in the government and private sectors. We acknowledge the fact that there are several competitors across the country, which provide services of software development, website designing and big data analytics. Yet, SGS is glad and elated at being chosen over the rest in delivering solutions.

We welcome you to join us in this joyous occasion. SGS Technologie wishes all our clients, employees and well-wishers a prosperously Happy Thanksgiving Day!