Key Differences Between Dot Net Core and Dot net Frameworks

Microsoft Dot Net is an open-source software component that can operate on Windows, Apple, Mac, and Linux systems.  It provides tools and libraries for the faster and easier creation of Windows software. The advantage of Dot Net is that it enables the development of applications of higher capability, quality and security.  But there seems to be lack of clarity on the key differences between two elements of Dot Net which are Dot Net Core and Dot Net Framework. This can be resolved by first comprehending their actual purposes.

Dot Net Core is an open source and cross-platform framework which can be used to build applications for all operating systems. These include Windows, Mac, and Linux. C#, Visual Basic, and F#.  It features a common language runtime (CLR) and an extensive class library.

Dot net Framework is a runtime environment that can be used to develop Windows applications and web services. Several versions have been released since its initial stages. The limitation of this framework is that it supports websites, services and desktops apps only on Windows.

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