The Most Common Software Bugs

Software Applications are not new. They are developed for businesses of different industries, government agencies and professional individuals across Florida. But developing an enterprise software application is only a small fragment of the entire process. The usage of the software and its perfect functioning by the target users as well as every other stakeholder needs to be perfect. This is the divider between the success and failure of an application. And, the presence of malicious elements such as bugs, malfunctions along with the invitation to hacking-elements widen this divider.

But this doesn’t mean that software applications should be minimized or avoided. That would be disastrous in this technology-oriented economy. Instead, awareness can be increased about the most common types of software bugs. What all can impact a software’s functioning? Software could refer to a web application, mobile application or a stand-alone software tools such as IoT devices. This post gives clarity on how and when to know that there are issues or bugs that need immediate fixing.


This is one of the most common types of bugs that could impact a software application.  Crashes refer to instances when a software solution stops working appropriately and forces itself to shut down. It might be caused by bugs such as viruses or by hardware devices and can cause a lot of damage. Loss of data is the biggest threat in the event of a crash; especially if there no back-up is maintained. All vital information could be lost in a crash. To avoid this, it is recommended to host the application on cloud storage and have an IT team to continuously monitor the software’s activity.

Functional Errors

The first expectation from software developed for a purpose is that it functions exactly as intended. For example, software could be developed for enabling residents of an area report power outages to the regional power authority. These residents could be in Jacksonville (FL), Tampa (FL) or Tallahassee (FL). Now what if, there is no submission button or clicking the submission button doesn’t work? This will be a functional error. Proper software testing needs to be done expert teams before its launch.


Software may be offered at a price or for free. But users always expect optimal value from this. Hence any small error in spelling, grammar, vocabulary, and/or punctuations could have a big negative impact. Though this isn’t a technical bug, caution should be given to ensure that the software’s content is free any sort of typo. Besides decrease in quality, another problem that may arise from typos is the misleading of users. These are most likely to occur in the listed guidelines or instructions.

Missing Commands

It is similar to a crash or rather the problem that could arise before a crash. The user may need to conduct a particular activity on the software application. But what if the person is not able to do so or cannot find a method for the same? For example, a user maybe in half-way through booking a vehicle for transport but the system does not allow him or her to cancel the process before the finalization. The customer expects to have the possibility to stop the process but the software does not have an option to do so. This is just one of the many missing commands that can be in a software application.


Errors, bugs and malfunctioning of software can be disastrous if not found and fixed early. SGS Technologie is an experienced software testing and software maintenance company that provides services to clients across Florida and rest of the United States. Get to us to discuss any software testing or software upgrading need that you may have.