Software Solutions for the Mortgage Industry

Most industries have adapted to the use of automated technology aside from the mortgage industry. It no longer needs to depend on outdated legacy infrastructures and paper processes. Consider the example of the lending process. The appraisal of the borrower’s prospective property is an important part of the purchasing process. Completing the appraisal process without the utilization of proper tools can be labor intensive, inefficient and may lead to further expenditure. Integrating technology can ensure that processes are more efficient with seamless access to valuable data.

Banking institutions and financial companies across the United States no longer deal with long waiting lines as they once did. Business transactions in the mortgage industry are conducted online or on software platforms. Everything has become automated and a similarly large scope exists for the mortgage industry. In this mortgage industry, loan management software offers lenders high-tech solutions to keep them on the cutting edge of the finance world. These software solutions can:

Assist in Document Management

Software applications or cloud based web portals can be developed for mortgage companies to store crucial data. Important documents can be organized efficiently and stored in a secure manner, not prone to system shutdowns or computer hacks. These documents can also be accessed from anywhere at any time. Office PCs, laptops and even mobile devices can be utilized to capitalize on business opportunities at any point time as opportunities emerge.

Automate Processes

Applying for a mortgage is considered a big move for loan-seekers and other consumers. A lot has to be considered and the process of loan application has been traditionally lengthy. The negative aspect is that these same consumers may be discouraged by the cumbersome or intimidating steps involved in the process. A software application gets rid of this ordeal and automates the entire process. Consumers can simply fill in important details on an application, submit proof and in a couple of days, their request for a loan can be approved.

Improve Customer Experience

Software applications can streamline processes such as mortgage processing, mortgage loan due diligence and settlement services.  Business workflows in mortgage companies can be initiated quicker, allowing more time for the management of these firms to execute important decisions. Consumers process paperwork faster than ever, resulting in improved customer satisfaction. 

SGS’ Solutions for Mortgage Businesses

SGS Technologie is a leading software development firm and a provider of web integration services. Headquartered in Florida, SGS is specialized in developing customized software solutions for mortgage firms aligning them with the latest business and technological trends.  We recognize the challenges faced by a mortgage firm in the United States and have the necessary technological solutions. The core solutions that we offer the mortgage industry are:

Customized Web Portals & Applications: SGS can develop a customized web presence for your mortgage business that highlights the products and services you provide.

Loan Origination Software: Our loan origination solutions will ensure that your data is secure while reducing manual processes and gaining access to advanced data.

Data Extraction Services: SGS has expertise in developing software that automatically extracts vital data elements in multiple formats from reports.

Loan Data Migration Support: SGS considerably reduces time and effort in the data migration processes through automation as well as data validation.

Document Management System: We offer mortgage organizations comprehensive document management systems with extensive meta-data and auto-indexing capabilities.

Legacy Migration & Support Services: Mortgage organizations can cost effectively migrate to new technologies with SGS’ assistance, extending the lifecycle of their legacy system.

SGS invites mortgage firms that are seeking to integrate technology into their business to boost their services to give us a call at (904) 332-4534, email us or visit our website.