Why does your organization need an intranet application?

“The term intranet refers to the substantial streamlining of internal communications within a company leading to increased productivity. An intranet application is a software data application that is used primarily on the internal network of an organization.“

Let’s head directly into the topic. Why does your organization need an intranet application? The response to that question may have different variants and may take an entire document for a detailed illustration. So we will keep it simple on this platform.  An intranet application is basically an internal database which every employee can access with different permissions for various staff.

By developing an intranet application, the management as well as employees in your organization can be in content touch and share information across the board.There will be no barriers caused by time and distance. The information shared on an intranet application will be more accurate and instantaneous than traditional methods such as emails and phone calls. Employees of your organization can communicate better and accurately record the information shared in meetings.

Intranets applications are extremely adaptable and can be used for activities that include:

  • Improving internal communications
  • Providing secure accessibility to documentation
  • Increasing team and client productivity

Next, you will be interested to learn how an intranet application functions. This may depend a lot on the business activities of each unique organization.  These are some of the basic features in an intranet application:

  • Activity streams — Keep the whole team/client group updated; choose to follow specific members and content.
  • File management — File approvals, multiple file/folder uploading, file locking, file permissions, comments, version control, annotations and external file/folder sharing.
  • Communication/Collaboration — Discussion forums, @mentions, group mentions, group chat, comments and blogging.
  • Task management — Manage, organize and assign tasks to members, monitor level of progress, set deadlines, reminders and comment on tasks.
  • Team calendars — Create events, invite members, set reminders and set recurring events. You can also sync the application with your default calendar.

There may be readymade intranet solutions such as SharePoint and Office365, but these have been developed with generic features that may not suit your organization’s unique requirements and needs. Contact SGS Technologie to discuss the possibilities of developing a unique intranet solution that symbolizes your organization