Why Experienced Business Analysts for Software Development Projects?

The role of a business is to evaluate a business as well as determine the workings of its systems, procedures, and operations. The person assigned this role or a team of business analysts; will be responsible for analyzing the structure of the business, its processes and determining areas in which technology or alternative solutions can add value.  Business Analysts and specifically experienced business analysts can be crucial in a software development project for which a business or agency may not have the required resources. This is where a specialized IT staffing company in Florida can be of assistance. Such a company will have its own team of business analysts, software developers and project managers who know all tricks of the trade. They will take care of all the activities in a software development process while the client having such a requirement can concentrate on marketing the software and other processes.

The following points give elaborate descriptions on why experienced business analysts are required for software development projects:

Analyzing Requirements: A business analyst can initiate project activities by working with the company’s key stakeholders to communicate the project’s vision and elicit requirements. The first step will be to identify the problem that the new software will attempt to solve. Without proper analysis before the software is built, developers may end up developing incomplete software that doesn’t solve the problem it intended to. Or much worse, the software may have to be rebuilt when it’s too late. An analyst will make sure that all stakeholders have a unified vision.

Point of Contact: One of the key roles of a business analyst is to facilitate communication between stakeholders and developers. The business analyst works with project stakeholders for comprehending the requirements of a project and sharing the same with developers. Besides, these business analysts also convey queries that developers have to the stakeholders in the client’s side.

Testing: Business analysts and project stakeholders can work together for reviewing the software as it is being developed. By doing walkthroughs, play acting, and other testing activities, a business analyst can aid in ensuring that the project meets all the specified requirements. The ability of a BA to comprehend the requirements and expectations of the project will ensure that testing is performed accurately.

Cost Savings: With the assistance of business analysts, all requirements will be recorded accurately at each stage of the development process. This also means that accurate figures of cost can be proposed for each stage. Hence, the developers can ensure that everything is performed as per the budget and within schedule. There will not be any chances of unnecessary expenditure or exceeding the approved budget.

Business Analysis is a very important aspect of the software development process. A business analyst should be present t look at the scope of your project, establish the requirements and standards the project must meet, facilitate communication with the development team, and support its implementation.  But it will not be wise to hire a full-time business analyst for a single software development project or for a particular stage.  SGS Technologie has the solution. We specialize in providing IT staffing solutions to clients in Florida, in which our staff members assist in processes such as business analysis, software development and project management among others. Contact us today for a quote.