Why use Hybrid SaaS to develop Enterprise Software?

The process of software development has entered cloud computing and SaaS (Software as a Service) is a delivery model in which the software along with associated data are hosted on the cloud. That is, software applications and their immense data no longer need to be stored in systems. This approach reduces costs, enables additional customization as well as agile software development. However, there are certain areas that need to be improved in this model. Examples are the less control users have over the application as well as certain issues with security. But there is another option. SGS Technologie is a SaaS Software Development Company headquartered in Jacksonville (Florida) with over 16 years of experience.

We offer a Hybrid SaaS model in which SaaS solutions are combined with an on-premise software application to provide the benefits of SaaS plus more security and user control. Hence enterprises can still have partial control over the platform they use to deploy software solutions. In this, the functional aspect of the software being developed is presented through the cloud hosted by a software provider company. Hence, a user can log into the application through a web browser and access the user-interface as well as other functionalities from a cloud-hosted environment.

A user logs into the application from a web browser and accesses a cloud-hosted environment including the user interface, functionality, and mechanism that moves files. However, the user's data is stored in their preferred environment until the encryption and transfer over internet. Security issues are handled accurately while still deriving the benefits of cloud software. This hybrid approach allows applications and components to interoperate across different environments, between cloud instances and between architectures.

Data will require an exactly same level of distribution and access.To summarize, these are the benefits Hybrid SaaS model can provide for enterprise software development requirements:

Cost Savings: Hybrid SaaS removes the necessity to develop an entire infrastructure for software development. This includes systems, storage space, other hardware as well as various resources. Moreover, large investments will not have to be made on long-term technological environments just for a single project. The differentiating factor of this model is that payments have to be made only when storage space is required.

Enhanced Agility: Power outages, shifting of premises, weather conditions and more will not impact the process of software development if implemented on Hybrid SaaS. Besides, new applications can be developed and tested on a temporary basis. That, Hybrid SaaS models offer an option in which the software can be hosted temporarily on the cloud until decisions are taken on their permanent hosting.

Higher Security:  The cloud computing methodology of Hybrid SaaS offers several features of advanced security. One of them is multi-factor authentication in which user identity is verified through more than method with independent categories of credentials. Security certification is also an important aspect of the SaaS model.

This post was meant to give clarity on the modern methods of software development for businesses in Florida, Texas and the rest of the United States. Have anything on your mind? Drop us a mail at info@sgstechnologie.com or give us a call at (904) 332-4534.