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Rapid Services and Agility with DEVOPS

SGS Technologie is a leading DevOps Service Provider Company in Jacksonville Florida. We utilize DevOps solutions to advocate automation and all steps of software construction from integration, testing, releasing to deployment as well as infrastructure management. A detailed plan will be strategized for your business to adapt to the DevOps strategy. Our DevOps services facilitate shorter development cycles, increased deployment frequency, more dependable releases, in close alignment with your business objectives. We specialize in automating tasks in development processes to improve employee efficiency and enable faster releases.

DevOps as a SERVICE

We have the perfect solution to scale up your operations. Our DevOps as a Service enables easy access to on-demand computation, storage and networking. Fast on-boarding of applications is ensured with the automation of end-to-end delivery pipelines; facilitate continuous integration and development across advanced cloud platforms. We give software development teams an easy way to consume on-demand compute, storage and networking. SGS has the know-how, custom frameworks, and proven tool chains to complete the project of any complexity.

"Increase Speed-to-market with SGS DevOps Engagement Program"



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devops automation

DevOps Automation

We enable automation of the entire process of software development; from coding as well as implementation to testing and finally software deployment. In this, our DevOps engineers monitor production servers and the application to ensure smooth operations. As a result, the cycle of software deployment becomes more predictable and everyone in the team will be aware of individual responsibilities at each stage. The immense experience our DevOps engineers have in Docker DevOps, Chef DevOps and Puppet DevOps ensures delivery of automated solutions wherever required to avoid delays, reduce the delivery time and eliminate human errors.
devops consulting

DevOps Consulting

SGS recognizes the importance of having elaborate and detailed DevOps processes. Hence, our end-to-end DevOps consulting services guides you with the implementation of DevOps. Solutions will also be provided for such implementation processes and for completely deriving benefits of DevOps. Our team of subject matter experts have certifications from leading public cloud vendors such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.
app services

Application Managed Services

The difficulty of managing multiple applications in various departments can be eliminated with our application managed services. We will enable the easy integration of various applications across all departments and help you to manage them. Latest tools and advanced processes are used to offer real time collaboration. This will ensure continuous delivery of your processes and faster productivity.
colud services

Cloud Managed Services

We deliver cloud managed services and replace expensive processes in your business with more efficient services. SGS Technologie is a certified AWS partner. This partnership along with our experience in cloud development and integration technologies ensures that your system performs better with lesser down time as well as faster deployment of changes.

Continuous Integration and Delivery

We are specialized in the two core pillars of a successful DevOps practice, which are continuous integration and integration delivery. Thus, the collaboration between operations and development teams is increased. Moreover, SGS ensures delivery of high-quality software and on-time delivery by using the best platforms.
release management

Release Management

SGS has immense experience in managing projects of high-level complexities from the conceptualization stage to deployment. Our DevOps experts can automate your entire process of software development to ensure higher productivity along with faster market deployment. We will analyze your environment and work accordingly to make sure that optimum Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery practices are in place.


technical expertise

Technical Expertise


Our team has immense expertise in the most advanced languages, frameworks, libraries, and databases. We are specialized in software version control, automation in development, automation in testing, agile methodology, continuous delivery tools, and more. In addition, we are well-versed in AWS and Azure.

risk management

Risk Management


We evaluate all possibilities in advance and hence minimize the risks in the development as well as deployment of software solutions. All possible risks are identified, prioritized, mitigated, and loaded into a risk register. Comprehensive strategies are then devised for the management of uncertainties, risks and threats for the final provision of cost-effective solutions.

devops expertise

DevOps Expertise


Our team has expertise in using multiple DevOps tools, techniques and solutions that include but are not limited to Docker, Chef, Jenkins, Puppet, and Git. Your advantages will include but not be limited to reduced time to market, stable application and high scalability.

business analysis

Business Analysis


We conduct a detailed business analysis to identify your current problems if any and define your business requirements. Risk analysis along with threat modeling processes are implemented to identify security flaws at earlier stages and to protect your data.