End-to-End Data Engineering

Data engineering is the practice of designing and building systems for data collection, storage, and analysis. We specialize in harnessing the power of data to drive insightful business decisions. Our team of experienced data engineers is dedicated to helping organizations unlock the full potential of their data through effective Big Data management, data warehousing, and business intelligence (BI) solutions. With our expertise and cutting-edge technologies, we enable businesses to gain a competitive edge and achieve their strategic objectives.

Big Data

In today's digital age, the volume, velocity, and variety of data generated by organizations are growing at an unprecedented rate. Extracting meaningful insights from this vast sea of information can be a daunting task. That's where our Big Data solutions come into play. We have the knowledge and tools to efficiently process, store, and analyse massive datasets to uncover valuable patterns, trends, and correlations. By leveraging advanced analytics techniques and technologies such as Hadoop, Spark, and NoSQL databases, we empower businesses to transform raw data into actionable intelligence.

Data Warehousing

Efficient data management is crucial for businesses looking to make informed decisions. Our data warehousing services provide a scalable and centralized repository for your organization's data. We design and implement robust data warehouse architectures that integrate data from various sources, ensuring consistency, accuracy, and accessibility. Our team leverages industry-leading tools like Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, and Snowflake to deliver efficient and secure data warehousing solutions.

Business Intelligence

Changing data into meaningful information is the key to gaining a competitive advantage. Our BI solutions provide you with the tools and capabilities to extract, transform, and visualize data in a user-friendly manner. We build interactive dashboards and reports that empower decision-makers at all levels of your organization to explore data, monitor KPIs, and uncover actionable insights. Our expertise in BI platforms such as Tableau, Power BI, and Qlik ensures that your organization can leverage the full potential of its data assets.

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Business requirements and technological specifications

SGS Technologie is experienced in Data Engineering services. We help companies make the most of the data they process every day. Firstly, our data engineering team carries out workshops and find calls with potential end-users. Then, we get all the necessary information from the technical departments.

Research of existing and future data sources

We review current data sources to maximise data value and identify different data sources from which to acquire structured and unstructured data. Our experts will prioritise and evaluate them throughout this stage.

Creating and executing a Data Lake

Data Lakes are the most cost-effective data storage solutions. A data lake is a storage system for raw and processed structured and unstructured data files. A system like this contains files that are flat, source, converted, or raw. We create and access Data Lakes on-premises or in the cloud using tools such as Hadoop, S3, GCS, or Azure Data Lake.

Designing and implementing Data Pipelines

We create data processing jobs after deciding on data sources and storage. Because they convert data into valuable information and provide consistent data models, these are the most important operations in the data pipeline.

Automation and deployment

The following phase is DevOps, which is one of the most significant aspects of data development consulting. Our team creates the best DevOps strategy for deploying and automating the data pipeline. This helps to save a significant amount of time while also managing and deploying the pipeline.


At the last stage of the Data Engineering Consulting Process, we test, measure, and implement DevOps automation to ensure all the requirements are met.

Our expertise in Big Data, data warehousing, and business intelligence enables us to deliver scalable, secure, and Customized solutions that drive informed decision-making.

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