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    Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing DEVELOPMENT COMPANY IN JACKSONVILLE FLORIDA

    Our experienced staff helps you develop a single database system or a data warehouse that provides a unique solution for all your data requirements. Being one of the best data warehousing service providers for enterprises in Florida, SGS Technologie evaluates the current state of your organization's data mart architecture and selects the appropriate tools for implementation to ensure timely and accurate information. Hidden information in large amounts of data are located and organized to facilitate a seamless decision-making process. Data Warehousing services we provide include decision support, analytical-reporting and data mining.


    Drive Business Results With SGS’ Complete BI/DW SOLUTIONS

    SGS’ Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing service enable organizations to effectively aggregate, integrate, and validate data as well as uncover relevant insights in real time. We help our clients transform data into intelligent insights by using data mining, text mining and forecasting. The business intelligence systems that we develop enable organizations to implement the right business intelligence tools, provide information that is accessible to end users and transform data visualization techniques. We give you the advantage of generating insightful business intelligence with our pack of data warehousing solutions.


    real-time analysis

    Real-Time Analytics


    We provide real-time insights of every action in your digital world.

    accurate reporting

    Accurate Reporting


    100% accurate reports are generated with our solutions.

    solid bi architecture

    Solid BI Architecture


    The best architecture is selected for every project assigned to us.

    technical expertise

    Technical Expertise


    We have expertise in the most advanced BI and warehousing tools.

    dedicated team

    Dedicated Team


    An exclusive team for business intelligence and data warehousing.

    specific recommendation

    Specific Recommendations


    Optimized solutions are recommended based on our analysis.

    Storage, Organizing & Analysis of BUSINESS DATA

    You may access a lot of digital data. But how sure are you of its authenticity? We understand this spurt in information, unstructured formats and poor data quality can give you a lot of headaches in locating exact information. The solution is our business intelligence and data warehousing expertise that disseminates all raw data as well as gives you accurate data management tools. Let us handle your long process of data warehousing and extraction, while your business executes its benefits.


    data mining

    Extensive Data Mining


    Our team of subject matter experts use the most advanced tools to uncover and collect real-time information as well as stored data anywhere on the internet. These pieces of data are then stored in a secure environment.

    data warehousing

    Automated Data Warehouses


    Collected data is stored in secure data warehouses. Our automated solutions streamline the process of collecting, updating and presenting the data, ensuring no time is wasted for the management personnel.

    detailed analysis

    Detailed Analytics


    Details about the workload along with usage analytics of the data warehouse are regularly monitored and shared with our clients to optimize the performance of data warehouse, check its compliance and reduce the costs.