Node.JS Development Company in JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA

SGS Technologie is a software development company with expertise in Node.JS development services and has delivered services to government/private clients across Jacksonville, Tallahassee, Tampa, Miami, and other parts of Florida. Our NodeJS developers are well-versed in all popular frameworks, tools and databases. This ensures that we develop productive mobile and web application with Node.js. Our range of services extends from developing e-Commerce solutions and advanced Node.js programming, to social networking applications.


Benefits of for NODE JS

  • Fast and Scalable Applications

    Enables development of fast and scalable applications that can handle several of users at the same time.

  • Open Source

    Node.js is an open source and cross platform environment that enables the development of server-side web applications.

  • Benefit of Caching

    Node.js also provides the facility of caching single modules hence removing the necessity of re-executing codes

node js
  • Data Streaming

    Node.js enables seamless data streaming by sharing a large amount of data such as audio files, videos and photographs by segregating the data into manageable chunks.

  • Real-time Applications

    Node.js is event driven. Hence it accepts large requests by using minimal resources and time making.

  • Faster Execution

    NodeJS enhances the speed of code execution as it supports non-blocking I/O operations.


node js application

NodeJS Application Development


With the NodeJS environment, SGS ensures the best use of modular designs and delivers swift data synchronization.

node js plugin

NodeJS Plugin Development


More features and functionalities can be added to your existing with our custom plugin development services.

node js api

NodeJS API Development


Node.JS is combined with MongoDB to develop and integrate an API for web applications. Assistance is also provided to connect Node.JS with other services.

node js migration

NodeJS Migration


Existing applications that are built on any technology or platform can be migrated to Node.JS runtime environment.

node js development

Providing NodeJS Web Development Services


We leverage the advantages of this cross-platform technology to develop web applications, network applications and real-time applications. This has made SGS Technologie one of the best NodeJS Development Companies in Florida. Our team has experience in developing complex NodeJS-based applications to meet the requirements of various industries. Using NodeJS we provide;

  • list-item  Real-time chat applications
  • list-item  E-Commerce Portals
  • list-item  Server-Side Development
  • list-item  NodeJS Consulting
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skilled developers

Highly Skilled Developers


Our developers are equipped with comprehensive knowledge and experience of the Node.JS environment.

customized services

Customized Services


Our developers build solutions to suit the unique requirements and business objectives of each client.

detail consultation

Detailed Consultation


We help clients understand and implement apt Node.JS solutions by tracking the website visitors and capturing their interactions.


Cost Effectiveness


Goal oriented solutions are developed in a cost-effective manner to achieve maximum client satisfaction.