• Web Designing Services

    • How much does it cost to design a website?

      SGS Technologie is an experienced web designing company which follows a unique web designing approach for each client. Our approach will begin with requirements-gathering-sessions, followed with joint discussions with all stakeholders to have an accurate comprehension of the proposed website. The client’s industry, objectives of the website, target audience, schedule, and preferred budget (if any) will be considered. Along with these, SGS will identify the best design tools. Content management system and time/resources required to arrive at a final cost. An important aspect of our web designing process is that focus is given on 100% quality and lesser importance for funding.

    • What do you mean by responsive website development?

      Responsive web design or responsive web development is the process by which we ensure that the client’s proposed website is uniformly accessible from various devices that include but are not limited to Desktops, mobiles and tablets. For this, we eliminate unwanted graphics/images, maintain good readability of the font, use colors that are not so contrasting, use fluid layouts, and more. Proper testing is conducted on mobile responsiveness before final delivery of the website design.

    • What is a Content Management System and which do you use?

      A content management system is software that is used to manage the creation and modification of content on a website. With a CMS, clients can independently add new posts as well as pages. SGS is a web development company that specializes in all popular Content Management Systems that include but are not limited to Drupal, WordPress, Sitefinity, Joomla, Magento, and Kentico. Based onthe analysis of your requirements, we will propose the most apt CMS and provide your team with initial training on usage of the same. If required, we will propose a combination of programming languages such as Dot Net and a CMS.

    • How to place website on top of search engines?

      Our team specializes in SEO services and will ensure that all content, images as well as descriptions on the website, are optimized to leading search engines such as Google. For these, we will do proper research on the latest keywords related to the client’s industry, target audience and latest trends. Then, an analysis will be done on the existing content and modifications will be recommended. For us, search engine optimization is a continuous process that involves multiple stages. You can contact our representative for more clarity on this.

    • Who will monitor the website’s performance?

      SGS offers website monitoring and maintenance services, for designs we created as well as for existing websites of clients. Our web development team examines every aspect of a website’s performance and traffic. Technologies used for this will include third-party tools such as Google Analytics, GTmetrix, Uptrends, and more. We will keep checking for broken links, loading issues and outdated content, among others. In addition, our website maintenance services will ensure regular updates, backups, page speed tests, content updates, and more.

    • Do you support website hosting?

      Yes, we are a specialized service provider of web hosting with platforms that include AWS, Microsoft Azure, Bluehost, and more. Moreover, SGS Technologie is a certified AWS Partner and uses AWS for hosting most of our designed websites. Our hosting services include Private cloud, Shared hosting, domain registration, email hosting, along with SSL certification and security.

  • Software Development Services

    • How much time does your software development process take?

      This depends on your requirement, necessary technology as well as resources and the selected budget. A precise timeline is difficult to share because SGS follows a unique software development approach for every client. Reach out to our representatives through mail, phone or direct visits for a comprehensive discussion.

    • What types of Software Development Services do you provide?

      We develop custom software applications on mobile and web platforms for several industries. SGSis a software development company that accelerates workflows and optimize operations for all stages of software development from concept to code and from development to deployment. Requirements of developing a new business application or improving the current software application can be solved with our bespoke software development services.

    • Will you sign an NDA?

      SGS gives prime importance to the confidentiality and security of information belonging to all our clients. We always ensure that no data shared between both sides is made available to external parties. Hence, we are willing to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement if required.

    • Do you provide software support and maintenance?

      Our team is always available to offer customer support and maintenance services including stages of retention, system maintenance and general user software support. We will assign a dedicated team who will be available via phone, email, or support ticket. Our process includes identifying your issue(s), making more queries, conducting immediate fixes, and reverting to confirm if everything has been completed as required.

    • What are the technologies used?

      Java, Angular, Dot Net, Oasis, CSS, PHP, Vue JS, HTML5, jQuery, ReactJS, NodeJS., Oracle, MySQL, and more

    • Where will the work be done?

      We have the perfect infrastructure along with skilled teams at our offices. If required, we will assign members to combine on-site work at a client’s place along with offsite at our centers.

  • Mobile Application Development Services

    • How will we receive updates during a project?

      We are an experienced mobile app development company that uses Basecamp for project communications in our process. Our main point-of-contacts and the rest of the assigned team will be engaged with client through emails, calls or direct visits (senior management) if required. Weekly/Monthly Status Reports will be delivered to the client’s POC on the summary of accomplishments, upcoming activities, risks, and any staffing changes within that period. These reports will include a summary of the progress of the work performed during the reporting period along with milestones.

    • Will you provide source code of the app?

      Once final payment is cleared, we will provide you the source code and you will be the owner of that source code.

    • Will you sign a Service Level Agreement?

      SGS is a mobile application development company providing services since 2003. We thus have a service level agreement in place as a symbol of trust and quality IT services delivery.

    • What is your development methodology?

      Our approach will be to use a hybrid solution; “Agifall” which brings out the best out of two different approaches – Agile and Waterfall. In which, the Agile methodology will exclusively be used for development phase. We also rely on this as it follows an “iterative and incremental” methodology. However, if the client wants to follow with some other methodologies such as waterfall, “V” Model, Agile (Scum), we can follow that. Our team has been worked with multiple methodologies.

    • How to start a project?

      Just drop us an email with what your concept/expectation and our sales team will help you to expound requirements and flow of the app based on the requirement, which will be followed up during the development of an app.After gathering an initial set of requirements, our team will analyze and submit a free quote towards the development of the proposed application. If you agree to the provided quote, an agreement will be signed off and a dedicated POC will be assigned. A project kick-off meeting will be held to introduce the team members and discuss about the scope of the project.

    • What types of mobile apps do you develop?

      SGS develops applications for native (iOS, android) and hybrid platforms. We can provide mobile solutions that include but will not be limited to utilities, entertainment, travel, finance, healthcare, e-commerce, social networking, productivity, weather, business, and gaming.

    • Who are your clients?

      SGS Technologie has nearly two decades of experience in provide mobile application development and mobile app testing services to clients from multiple sectors. These include government agencies, financial institutions, educational bodies, healthcare organizations, logistics, tourism, independent professionals, and more.

  • IT Staffing Services

    • Who are your clients?

      SGS is an experienced IT Staffing company with most of our clients being government agencies in and across Florida. Yet, we have expanded our base and are providing IT Staffing services to clients from the private sector as well as from different parts of the United States.

    • What types of IT Staffing services do you provide?

      We have flexible options of staffing. These include resources based on Contract, Contract to Hire, Full Time Permanent Placement, and Statement of Work projects. Contact our representatives for more details on each of these services.

    • Do you screen candidates?

      The backgrounds, qualifications, and references of candidates are completely verified before assigning them for any project.SGS follows an end-to-end screening process to filter candidates through various screening stages such as their skill sets, experience, background verification, and adaptibility to a client’s organization. Through each stage, SGS screens these candidates rigorously to test their abilities according to the type of work they are being hired to perform, in addition to their ability to work well in a multicultural environment.

    • Do you hold any certifications?

      SGS Technologie is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, IBM Certified Business Partner an official Oracle Partner. We also have certifications of MBE, DBE and GSA (General Services Enterprise).

    • Are you associated with E-Verify?

      SGS Technologie is an E-Verify registered company. E-Verify (formerly known as the Basic Pilot/Employment Eligibility Verification Program) is an Internet based system operated by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in partnership with the Social Security Administration (SSA). The system allows us to electronically verify the employment eligibility of all newly hired employees.

  • Big Data Services

    • What is Big Data?

      Big data is a term that describes the large volume of data (structured and unstructured)to consume a business or company every day. Big data can be analyzed for insights that lead to better decisions and strategic business moves. Multiple activities that include but are not limited to research, analysis, data engineering, and software development are a part of the Big Data concept.

    • What are SGS’ Big Data Solutions?

      SGS Technologie is a skilled big data consulting and big data analytics company. Our cross-functional team of data scientists, big data engineers and designers offer data strategy consulting services for varied businesses. These include big data strategy consulting, data mining & aggregation, predictive analytics, big data analytics, data migration & integration, along with enterprise data warehousing.

    • Which industries can your data analytic and data engineering services help?

      SGS is an experienced data warehousing company which offers big data solutions for the public as well as private sectors. Industries include but are not limited to finance, healthcare, education, power & utility, transportation, telecommunications, and tourism.

    • What is your technical stack?

      Our team specializes in Python, R language, Java, and Scala. Platforms and tools utilized include Hadoop, Hive, Spark, Kibana, Kafka, Tableau, Power BI, and TensorFlow.

  • Digital Marketing

    • What are the digital marketing services that you provide?

      We are an experienced digital marketing company. Our digital marketing services include search engine optimization, social media management, search engine marketing, social media marketing, online advertisements, and content development. We welcome you for further discussions to have good clarity on how these services can help you.

    • What is the need for digital marketing?

      A website or software application is like a digital visiting card that a company provides customers for a proper understanding of the products/services/objectives. But that may not be enough for a company or agency’s progress. Digital Marketing bridges the gap between a business and its customers. The bottom-line is that our digital marketing services enable you to expand your reach to customers beyond geographic locations and time zones. This is done through optimizing content on your websites, boosting your social media presences along with aggressive campaigning on the internet.