We are a certified Salesforce service provider offering a full range of services for all business requirements. Our end-to-end management complements and customizes your Business Processes and Practices. Our Salesforce implementation services include Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Service Cloud, Salesforce Wave Analytics, Pardot, Chatter, Communities, Salesforce1-based mobile application, and Salesforce AppExchange. SGS boasts an impressive portfolio of successfully built and implemented Salesforce solutions across diverse business domains and verticals. Our expertise spans a wide range of corporate sectors, positioning us as a reliable partner for all your Salesforce needs.

Our Salesforce OFFERINGS

With a proven track record extending across numerous market segments, SGS brings a wealth of experience and expertise in Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, FinancialForce, Lightning Bolt, Community Cloud, Analytics, and other Salesforce solutions. Our salesforce development and consultation services cover the entire spectrum of Salesforce CRM, delivering cost-effective and customized solutions that effectively bridge departmental gaps within your business and foster greater customer engagement.


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salesforce consulting

Salesforce Consulting

SGS, a certified Salesforce Partner, specializes in Salesforce consulting services for clients in Jacksonville, Florida, and across the United States. Our team of experienced Salesforce professionals provides comprehensive guidance to optimize your business activities, offering a strategic CRM roadmap for maximum efficiency. With expertise covering diverse business spheres, including finance, insurance, education, medicine, hospitality, and government agencies, we deliver tailored Salesforce solutions that align with your specific needs.
salesforce integration

Salesforce Integration

As seasoned Salesforce integration experts, we specialize in seamlessly integrating existing systems with the latest versions of Salesforce. At SGS, we develop custom integration modules tailored to your objectives, ensuring a perfect match. Our cost-effective Salesforce integration services automate business processes and elevate user experiences, resulting in improved efficiency.
In addition, we excel in integrating Salesforce with leading platforms such as SAP, MuleSoft, ServiceNow, Heroku, and NetSuite, enabling seamless data flow and synchronization across your entire technology stack.
salesforce implementation

Salesforce Implementation

SGS Technologie is a reputable Salesforce implementation company, leveraging our extensive expertise. Our seasoned professionals analyze businesses, implement new Salesforce solutions, recover existing ones, and re-engineer Salesforce systems. Our comprehensive service offerings include Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Financial Services Cloud, Salesforce CPQ, Chatter, and Community Cloud implementation.
salesforce migration

Salesforce Migration

As a trusted Salesforce Service provider, SGS Technologie excels in seamlessly migrating your data and content to Salesforce. Our streamlined process ensures uninterrupted business operations. With our skilled Salesforce developers, who are proficient in migration tools like the Ant Migration tool, we specialize in Microsoft Dynamics to Salesforce, Suite CRM to Salesforce and NetSuite to Salesforce migrations.
salesforce customization

Salesforce Customization & Upgrade Services

SGS specializes in modifying and customizing code within the Salesforce platform to meet your specific requirements. Our team is adept at enhancing the platform's functionality through the implementation of upgrades, add-ons, and advanced features. With our Salesforce Customization Services, we offer a range of tailored solutions including data access management, custom email services, integration with third-party tools, mobile app customization, custom consoles, custom dashboards, and system customization.
salesforce support

Salesforce Support Services

As a recognized expert SGS specializes in Salesforce technical support, maintenance, enhancements, and 24x7 administration services as per SLAs. Our comprehensive Salesforce support includes deployment validation, high availability configuration recommendations, scalability guidance, performance evaluation and tuning, and expert advice on new features.



Sales Cloud


Experience increased sales, enhanced productivity, and improved customer service through our Salesforce cloud implementation services. Elevate your CRM transformation initiatives to new heights.

Analytics Cloud


SGS empowers you to seamlessly connect with the Analytics Cloud platform, enabling lightning-fast analysis of diverse data sets from multiple sources.

Community Cloud


Experience comprehensive Salesforce Community Cloud services encompassing implementation, development, personalized user-centric design, seamless integration, robust support & maintenance, and effective change management.

Service Cloud


Leverage the latest version of Salesforce Service Cloud software for swift and efficient customer support. Trust our extensive experience and expertise for seamless digital transformation.

IoT Cloud


Harness the power of IoT (Internet of Things) data with our scalable IoT Cloud solutions. Connect, manage, and analyze data from a multitude of IoT devices and sensors.

E-commerce Cloud


Elevate your online retail business with our E-commerce Cloud solutions. Seamlessly manage your digital storefront, handle increased traffic and transactions, and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

AI and Machine Learning Cloud


Transform your business with AI and Machine Learning Cloud services. Drive innovation and gain a competitive edge by integrating scalable AI and machine learning solutions into your operations.

Content Delivery Cloud


Ensure lightning-fast content delivery with our Content Delivery Cloud solutions. Distribute multimedia content, websites, and applications to a global audience with low latency and high reliability.

Unlock the Full Potential of Salesforce with Our Expertise

salseforce implementation

Salesforce Implementation Consultants


Experience seamless Salesforce implementation, whether starting from scratch, optimizing your existing system, or tackling specific tasks. We are here to support you every step of the way.

salseforce administration

Salesforce Administrators


Gain peace of mind with our timely administration services, allowing your sales team to focus on generating new business leads while we handle ongoing support needs.

salseforce developers

Salesforce Developers


Experience the power of tailored solutions. Our two decades of experience ensure we create unique applications that perfectly align with your business requirements.

salseforce business

Salesforce Business Consultants


Discover the true potential of Salesforce for your business with our guidance. As a Certified Salesforce Consulting Partner, we provide expert advice on implementing Salesforce and leveraging its capabilities.