Our methodology is simple: we provide you with digital solutions while targeting trends that look to the future. Our team of futuristic developers and analysts give your business highly-productive solutions that will solve your concerns today and keep you prepared for a completely digitalized tomorrow. We keep seeking advanced technologies that really identify the prospects to bring in a revolution for the entire industry.

  • supply chain

    Supply chain management

  • payment process

    Payment processing

  • data ineterchange

    Business-to-business Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

  • reporting


  • decision management

    Decision management systems

We develop your brand’s APPEAL ON THE WEB

It is important for your business to feature lively applications on the internet to grab the attention of prospective clients each time they go browsing. Our experienced team gives you a broad range of web development and programming services that will seem as realistic to customers as your physical businesses.

big data


SGS is a data engineering company specialized in big data analytics for clients across Florida and beyond. We examine large chunks of data relevant to your business and scrutinize them to identify new opportunities that can give your business more efficient operations, higher profits and happier customers. Our expertise in Hadoop-based platforms and cloud-based systems as well as the presence of experienced data scientists in the team can enable our clients to generate efficient outcomes from the massive amount of unfiltered data available on the internet.

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Certified DevOps engineers at SGS Technologie are specialized in identifying the current problems of your business and providing efficient solutions for the same. Our DevOps automation services can massively transform your enterprises’’ IT operations. We also enable you to have an edge over competitors by enabling faster creation of products and provision of services at lower costs. The results will include more profits for your business.

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data warehousing


SGS is a specialized provider of data warehousing services and the developer of warehousing applications for clients in Florida as well as rest of the united states. We have a track record of developing applications that support data warehousing, data center staffing and strategic planning. Our data warehousing services can enable your business to manage and analyze data efficiently. Experienced analysts in our team can help you discover the true potential of your data and reveal business-transforming insights.

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Our team is well-updated with the concept Robotic process automation (RPA) which is the application of technology for enabling the configuration of computer software to capture and interpret existing applications. SGS provides robotic automation services to process a transaction, manipulate data, trigger responses, and communicate with other systems. We help clients integrate Robotic Process Automation with technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and knowledge-based systems to accelerate complete transformation. Our end-to-end RPA services include assessment, strategy, design, implementation and RPA support with our experienced automation consultants and engineers.

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We are an established provider of Citrix consulting services in Florida. SGS has handled Citrix implementations, refreshing of technology, maintenance, and troubleshooting of Citrix environments in different organizations across the country. Our 16+ years of experience is highlighted in the design and implementation of Citrix solutions.

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SGS is a qualified Salesforce implementation partner in Jacksonville Florida with immense experience in Salesforce sales and Salesforce cloud. You can be provided with complete range of Salesforce.com services including Salesforce.com CRM implementation, Salesforce.com CRM and quick start for group, professionals as well as enterprise editions. Our Salesforce implantation and Salesforce integration services can be tailored to meet your specific business needs.

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Our BizTalk services will enable you to seamlessly automate your business processes and messaging system thus improving your organization’s overall performance.

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