Platforms We Use to DRIVE YOUR SALES

Attract, ENGAGE & SELL!

Everyone loves to shop from the comfort of their homes or offices instead of visiting concrete stores. It is nothing new right? But when there are several e-commerce portals around the block, shouldn’t yours be extraordinarily unique? SGS Technologie is a leading e-commerce development company headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida. We develop those unique e-commerce portals for you! Our team is filled with SMEs, developers and project managers who ensure that our customers not only receive a successful development process but also a collaborative strategic partner.


Web Stores


SGS creates virtual stores and integrates them with popular third-party platforms and plugins such as payment gateways as well as ERP solutions.

B2C & B2B


We can develop B2C & B2B marketplaces such as Amazon or e-Buy. Our solutions bring distributors, vendors and buyers together on a single platform.

Online Shopping


Secure shopping carts that automate routine billing tasks as well as secure processing of transactions are developed to facilitate great online shopping experiences.

Social Commerce


Modules are embedded for enabling social commerce and for creating peer-to-peer buying platforms by our experienced e-commerce development team.

Our M-Commerce SOLUTIONS

SGS provides businesses mobile e-commerce solutions that feature mobile websites along with mobile applications. We have 16+ years of experience in developing mobile e-commerce solutions for clients from different sectors. Emphasis will always be given on security, user-friendliness and adoption of latest trends in addition to compliance with authorized regulations.

Mobile Apps for Consumers

  •  Mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) Self-service
  •  Store assistants
  •  Mobile wallets
  •  Loyalty and promotions

Mobie Apps for Retailers

  •  Role specific solutions for employees
  •  Inventory management
  •  Asset management
  •  Digital signage
  •  POS management

Mobile Apps for Distributors

  •  Order entry and tracking
  •  Order management
  •  Inventory management
  •  Field sales apps mobile catalogs


Easy Checkout


We enable easy checkout process thus enabling customers with quicker transactions and lesser hurdles while making purchases on your site.

Payment Gateways


Advanced payment gateways that facilitate completely secure transactions and that abide by all financial regulations can be integrated.

Simple Navigation


We ensure that customers can navigate the site as well as find what they require with ease.


Automated Shopping Carts


Products or services chosen by customers are automatically added to shopping carts that remain displayed until the final checkout.

Maintenance & Updates


Our e-commerce solutions can be easily updated to the latest trends. We will always be available to provide your e-commerce portal with periodical maintenance processes as well as updates.

Security Features


We will deliver secure e-commerce platforms that are integrated with safety enabled payment gateways and customer-authentication processes.



Bringing Your Business to Mobiles


Mobile devices such as smartphones and androids are the simplest way to reach prospective customers today. SGS Technologie recognizes this soaring trend and develops effective mobile commerce solutions to derive maximum potential. We invite you to partner with us for being offered revenue-generating mobile commerce applications for businesses in Florida and in rest of the United States.

Our strength of Android DEVELOPMENT