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We deliver customized and scalable solutions using Full-Stack

Front-end, back-end, ERP and more solutions with maximum quality

Full Stack Development Company in Jacksonville, Florida

SGS Technologie is a professional full stack web development company in Jacksonville (Florida) with offices in Miami, Tampa and Tallahassee.  Our team features experienced full stack developers who provide customized, scalable, and reliable solutions to meet specific requirements of each client.  Thus SGS has efficiency in handling both front-end and back-end of websites/applications. We utilize Agile and DevOps methodologies to enable seamless development of software.

What We Provide

Front End Development

Our skilled developers own skilful expertise in all the latest front-end technologies such React 16.6.3 and Angular 7.0.

Back-End Development

SGS uses RESTful API, micro services-based architecture and more cutting-edge technologies to deliver customized solutions.

Web API Development

We provide a complete set of web API development services with self developed or third-party integrations for the better performance of apps.

CMS/ERP Development

Our Full Stack development services enable the development of CMS/ERP solutions that are reliable and quick along with featuring intuitive UI.


The full-stack development expertise we possess includes the development of Mongo DB database which is a leading No SQL database.


Customer-centric UI/UX designs are designed to develop full-stack mobile/web applications, SaaS platforms and web portals.

SGS’ Advantages


Maximum Quality

SGS’s full stack developers ensure maintenance of the highest standards of quality while delivering complete solutions within schedule.



We have delivered full stack development solutions to several government agencies as well as private clients across Florida.


Customer Support

Dedicated technical support teams are available address any query or issue faced by clients.


A non-disclosure agreement has always been signed at the beginning of every project as this indicates our emphasis on maintaining security of clients’ data.