Our Software Solutions for the CONSTRUCTION COMPANIES

The construction industry is one of the major contributors to the US economy with expenditures reaching upwards of $1.2 billion in 2017. Yet, government policies, increasing rates of raw materials and most importantly the advancement of technology have complicated matters. These advancements have raised the levels of competition and innovation which can be seen as the key to progress. SGS Technologie understands these challenges and develops customized technological solutions to meet your requirements.

How can SGS help the Construction INDUSTRY?

Accounting Software


SGS offers accounting software solutions that utilizes time efficiently and ensures integrity by eliminating the possibilities of manual errors.

Building Information Modeling


We can develop Building Information Modeling (BIM) solutions such as powerful rendering engines, rich attribute libraries, intelligent data parameters, and automated workflows.

Project Management Software


SGS has expertise in providing construction firms with completely functional project management software that are compatible with desktop systems, mobile devices and web apps.

ERP Systems


Our team can develop Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems customized for the construction industry’s needs. Disparate ERP systems are integrated with a single solution.

Equipment Management & Maintenance Software


Our equipment management/maintenance automation solutions include scheduling of upkeep and repairs, notifying upcoming services dates as well as downtime and rescheduling planning

Scheduling Software


Our desktop, mobile as well as browser scheduling apps enable generation of schedules by integrating with financial apps, equipment management systems, and bidding platforms.


We help construction companies utilize technology to simplify work, reduce operational costs and address project risks. End-to-end solutions are offered for all phases of construction life cycle.

Automated Software


SGS offers solutions that automate management and tracking of all activities from the beginning of the project through the final stage.

Easy Access


The users of our solutions can easily access to essential financial and accounting data in addition to specialized analyses and reports.




We can develop technological solutions that show flexibility and adaption towards latest trends, changes as well as legal regulations.

Detailed Reports


The staff of construction firms can generate detailed reports on resources along with services used at different stages and for specific construction jobs.